1. Gooner_Mike

    Mk4 Ibiza Eibach spring question

    I have seen these on the forum for sale. LINK. I was wondering (as you stock them) will they fit my 1.8T FR OK? It seems they have a different code.
  2. Bonnet Latch Spring

    Discovered while going over a speed bump yesterday that my bonnet was not closed properly. When I tried to close it I found the spring that keeps the latch closed is missing! :-o Anyone have any idea where I can get a replacement without going to the stealers?
  3. CraigW

    Spring on Headlight.

    Can anyone tell me if the spring thats on the back of the headlight and that the indicator clips onto is available on its own from the dealer. Or does it come as part of the headlight?? Reason Im asking is that I need a new one. Cheers. Craig.
  4. full shocks and spring kit

    ive just bought a toledo and im looking to lower it 50 or 60 mm but im looking shortened shocks with it and springs! does anyone know a company that does this?! all i can find is 35 mm drop alround on shortened shocks and springs! thanks!:D
  5. broken spring

    About 2/3 of a loop of spring coil flew off my car this morning as I was driving down the road - from the front passenger side (looks like from the very bottom of the spring). Still seems to drive ok, but does make a nasty noise when turning the wheel more than half way (I guess its the...
  6. Stiffer spring?

    I have an IHI turbo which is the TD based one from a Mitsi and am looking for a stiffer actuator ( or just spring ) but Mike @ JBS is having trouble find one does any one have a clue for me ???
  7. part number for front spring plate

    Hi all, ive contacted Bonrath for some lowering caps. They've asked for the part number for my original spring plates. Does anyone have etka, or even better a leon in bits so they can check? Thanks :rolleyes:
  8. Emz

    MK2 Arosa Sport - Update!

    Hi! Well I only picked it up yesterday and already love it! It's a '03 Seat Arosa 1.4 16v Sport in black. Completely standard with the exception of the Scorpian back exhaust. These are the only pics I have of it at the mo, with the bf's Lupo GTi :)
  9. Leon FR150 with Eibach Pro Spring?

    Hello All, Is anyone running a Mk1 Leon FR TDI150 with a set of Eibach Pro Springs (25/30 drop) How much lower does it look than before when it had the standard FR suspension? Is it a true 25/30 mm drop on the standard FR suspension setup, which I assume is lower than the non-FR...
  10. olaf

    Spring Clean Time

    Well it's about time I gave the car a very good clean to get all that filth off it! So far in my box of toys I have...... Snowfoam lance Gritguard buckets Wash mitts CG Citrus Wash n Gloss A selection of Sonus drying, polishing, buffing and general purpose MF cloths Detailing Tape...
  11. Dan.Payne

    Eibach Spring kit part number?

    Any one have Eibach springs? I believe there -25mm anyone know the part number and whether they lower the Ibiza 25mm? Ive got a supplier saying that Eibach themselves say the Pro kit only lowers the Ibiza 10mm? but yet on their site it says -25mm http://www.eibach-springs.co.uk/ The...
  12. neil

    Broken coilover spring

    Just had the car serviced and the garage found that the front offside coilover spring has broken the top coil off (eibach pro street s) , would I have to replace both front springs ? Only been on the car just over 2 years , and only doing about 9000 miles a year , would have thought it would...
  13. Spring in flip key

    Im having problems with the button and spring in my flip key ive seen on here berfore a guide on how to take to key apart but cant find it. i have taken my key apart but not the key seems to flip the other way so if flips down quick instead of flipping out to start the car. does any one no...
  14. Broken Coil Spring

    Hi Guys My wife reversed off of the drive today and didn't drive any further after hearing a DOING! from the driver's side front. After her knight in shining armour(ie my Dad!) removed the front wheel he found about half a coil (3 inches) sitting in the bottom cup. I have all ready...
  15. Lowering Spring on FR

    Considering 35mm on the front and 40mm on the rear (FK Hightec Springs). Will it rub? problems with the ARB? Anybody with expereince with this set? using them on stock dampers. Thanks.
  16. EZ Tutty

    Forge 007 Recirc Spring Question.....

    I know this has been asked many times, but i've spent hours looking through all the posts relating to it, and not come up with a clear cut answer. My cupra is currently running jabbasport stage 1, std turbo etc (think boost peaks at about 20psi, and drops to 12-13psi), altho i can't say i've...
  17. josh263uk

    Cost for fitting spring

    After some prices on what I could expect to pay to have springs fitted. I was considering coilovers, but money is tight and with the car being new the parts will (I hope) last for a bit. So what have people paid to have springs or coilovers fitted. and can anyone recomend anyone in somerset...
  18. chris27

    Changing top mount bearings - spring compressor needed?

    do i need spring compressors to change the top mount bearings or not? thanks
  19. mixupz

    Spring choice??

    Hello people I have been searching for a couple of months for a set of -40mm Lowering springs for my 1.2 12v ibiza (2004). i have found only three manufacturers that make them. i basically need some guidance on which one is best quality, ride etc. doesnt really matter if you haven't personally...
  20. Front Spring

    Hi, One of the front springs on my car has snapped near the end of the coil so I was wondering where would be the best and cheapest place to get a replacement set (presume it's best to replace both on the same axle?)? Would go lowered uprated like Eibach etc but the cars done near 100k so...
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