1. Gm8

    do you need spring compressors

    for fitting coilovers ? i need to get the top mounts from the old strut , will i need the comprssors then ?
  2. 007 yellow/blue spring

    hi ive just bought secondhand forge 007 off ebay should have done my research before i bought its got a yellow and blue spring im only running a standard LC 1.8T so i should really have a green one! Is anyone willing to swap springs? Or is anyone running a yellow spring on a standard LC with no...
  3. Front driver's side spring gone on my Cupra.

    Just dropped my Leon Cupra off at the garage to have a new front right suspension spring fitted. It made the oddest noise pulling off the drive yesterday with full left hand lock - a loud "doingggg" sound. :confused: Then driving home it just didn't fell right, the steering wheel shook...
  4. Snapped front coil spring mk4 TDi

    I'm looking for some advice with my ibiza. It's a 53 plate unmodified SETDi 1.9 with 33k I'm assuming this happened at the weekend with some temporary road works wher the signed 'bump' in road was actually like a kerb! My driver side front coil spring is snapped and i'm busy getting the...
  5. Front Spring Failure & Warranty

    Just wondered if anyone has anyone experienced a simlar problem?! Got an '04 Leon Cupra and whilst driving over a speed bump yesterday (within the speed limit!) one of the front springs broke, with a 3 inch piece literally being sheared off!! Have booked it in to the dealer for next week...
  6. spring on fr tdi 150

    hi all just a quick question have a fr tdi 150 leon very happy apart from the body roll at speed in corners.. apart from fitting strut braces would putting stiffer springs on and perhaps lowering by 25 mm make a difference i am working on a restricted budget so cant afford to replace dampers as...
  7. Accelerator pedal return spring???

    Hi all, I'm really hoping somone can help or point me in the right direction. I've had my Leon FR TDi for a week now and I'm finding it really uncomfortable to drive. Didn't notice on the test drive, but after a longer run my right leg aches! I've tried every seat position possible. I've...
  8. woodyTDI

    Spring time fuel competition

    Spring time fuel competition Anyone up to see how many miles we can all get on a tank of fuel? State model, year and current mileage and see how far we can go? Millers can be used Who’s up for it? :shrug: I filled up today with normal bp stuff and my milages is at 8k and new leon...
  9. Dan.Payne

    My GTI Spring Fest Pics

  10. Ad Lav

    GTI Internatinal Spring Show, few pics!

    Mostly of mine but hey...:p
  11. ttothec

    standard cupra spring rates

    does anyone know the spring rate of the standard ibiza cupra suspension, front and rear?
  12. m.r.davies

    FMC007 - Green or Yellow spring on standard LCR?

    As the title says What the difference apart from yellow is harder, will it be bad if i fitted a yellow spring? ta Mark
  13. Spring Time...

    Having driven my wife's Leon FR TFSI a few times now I've noticed how harsh the ride really is. I think the best word to describe it is "jolting". I feel sorry for anyone with an FR who has either lots of fillings a bad back or a glass eye or worse, all of the above. I know that this is a...
  14. tommmineh

    Well, looks like my spring is fooked

    Noticed a strange clunking noise coming from the n/s/f suspension last night/this morning. Just had a chance to check it on my dinner and I'm not very happy with what I've found. I apologise for the seriously bad quality pic. My cameraphone decided it wouldn't let me turn the flash on [:@]...
  15. Spring Query - DV007P

    Have tried the search, but to no avail... I´ve just purchased the DV007PA for my Leon Cupra (Standard Spec). It currently has the Yellow spring in the DV, but also has a Green spring as a spare. I´d like to put this on the car on Monday (will let you know the results!), but I just...
  16. a spring has fallen off my car

    I was driving along about 10 minutes ago and giving the old girl a bit of stick came to a junction and was quite heavy on the brakes and then i felt something under my foot so i stopped and picked it up and it was a spring I have no idea where it goes or where it came from and none of the...
  17. cmc

    Broken Coil Spring

    After investigating a metalic clunking noise from my driver side suspension area today I noticed that my coil spring had snapped :cry: (only done 25k as well so a bit mythed TBH :wtf: ). Anyways needs to get sorted for MOT next month but I had a few quick questions: 1). should I replace...
  18. Forge DV 007 spring rate

    Anyone know what would be the ideal spring on runnig 18 PSI of boost on a k03?? Red or Blue? Thanks in advance.
  19. RogerW

    Front wheel spring is broken

    When i turned right to get out of my garage yesterday, there was a loud bang. I jacked the car up and a found out that the right side wheel spring was broken. A 5 inch long bit had snapped right off(bottom of spring). Have anyone else had this on their car? I'm thinking maybe the springs are...
  20. krizz51

    spring in dump valve

    prob a silly question but changing the spring in my dump valve would i gain more of a wooshy noise got open cone but still wouldnt mind a bit more