1. tequilan

    possible problem with weitec hock + spring set.....

    hi guys, the above kit i bought off u recently and got delivered yesterday, ive noticed has a split part from thre factory, im not convinced its an imperative part as its only made of very thin plastic, but can u pls confirm as to wether its ok to be fitted to the car like this, or needs sorting...
  2. CupraString

    Lowering Spring

    Damian Iv decided to get some lowering springs as im not to keen on coilovers and Im not spending a huge amount on car this year (due to cambelt/waterpump change : (. Can you tell me if I buy a 40mm spring to go on standard shock will it cause further probs with regard to droplinks/rubbing...
  3. Lowering Spring for Leon FR Mk1?

    im thinking to buy a set of eibach but i want to keep the same drive quality of stock spring what do you recommend to buy? thanks
  4. xhellixx

    help : spring kit

    Hey guys! Firstly sorry if I've posted this in the wrong section/ or if there's a similar...usually happens to me ha! BUT I'm looking into getting a spring kit & I'm not going to pretend I know more than I do..because that's not going to get me very far! I was going to do this earlier...
  5. chaazza

    how to measure a spring

    right guys you seem to be helping me out alot recently so got another question how could i measure my springs iv just brought springs and struts of dave ibiza on here and he said its a 40mm drop but i fitted yesterday and my car looks like its on stilts its well high were would be best place to...
  6. Spring snapped!

    Hi all, The front offside spring on my bro's mk2 Arosa snapped the other day. We went to Seat and they wanted £70 for one spring! :wtf: So I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to lower it! :D I have been looking around at the different brands. Preferably we would have liked AVO...
  7. cheapest place to buy eibach sportline spring kit?

    as the heading states spring kit to fit 2009 cupra (not the latest upgrade model) help would be most gratefull cheers lee
  8. how good is the eibach sportline spring kit?

    how good are these kits for road use (too hard or ok) because i want to lower my k1 so it sits better and also might come in handy for the odd trackday etc.
  9. Cowie

    changed spring on forge 007p DV

    What if anything should i be able to notice/feel when i change the stock green spring to a yellow one on my stage 1 mapped LC, a lot has been written about uprating the spring if your car has been mapped. Cheers
  10. GREG_R84

    which spring to go with custom code 2

    Im getting custom code stage 2 next week and am not sure which coloured spring to put in my 007p. At the moment im using a yellow one with the stage 1 map, should i leave this or change to blue?
  11. Tyre shop jacked the car on spring mount, is this right?

    Cars been a bit floaty on the rear end since I had new tyres put on, could this have knocked something out of line?
  12. Andrewcupra TDI

    my coil spring has snapped .....

    Ok , now I know everyones gonna say get coilovers but, I have a little one , and the cars a daily driver 70 + miles per day and I don't want the setup my last car had <spax adjustables> I was thinkin the oem setup < cupra TDI > is perfect stiff and good handling just now as low as perfect...
  13. which spring on 007p?

    Hi guys ive jus bought a 007p. Jus wondering what spring these come with as standard? Also what spring should i be using on my lcr thats without a remap?? Hope someone can help. :confused:
  14. Suchley

    is there a spring fitting guide?

    Is there one round? im about to get a set of lowering springs off of a cupra, 60/40 drop one will they fit? two has any one written a guide at all and finnially is it hard?
  15. Yellow Spring in forge DV on STANDARD car...

    Morning all... I am going to get my LCR 225 remapped at some point in the near future As part of the money pit aka project I will be uprating to the forge 007 and when ordering they offer a choice of spring colour Now after a remap I know they recommend the yellow spring, so there is no...
  16. Ting

    MK4 Suspension Advise

    Hi guys I've just recently fitted some new alloys, and when I got the tyres put on them the mechanic noticed my front driver side spring has the end snapped off. Basically at the end of the spring its supposed to curl round back on itself, making a circle but now its just a semi circle and...
  17. torquesport

    Spring fitting

    Got my new springs today managed to get the strut out with a bit of hammering but now cant get it in the hub, Any ideas how to get the bugger back in??
  18. Shock and Spring Options

    Hi all, A friend of mine is looking to upgrade the suspension on his 51-plate 227bhp Ibiza Cupra. It's currently sitting on Gmax shocks and springs and the ride is horrendous, very bouncy and jarring. As a result, he is looking at getting something with decent ride comfort, a bit of a drop and...
  19. Coil Spring - Altea Sport

    Hi Guys, anyone got the part number for the Offside Rear Coil Spring for a 2004 Altea 2.0 TDI Sport? Many Thanks
  20. LCR rear spring rate kg/mm ?

    What is the OEM rear spring rate in kg/mm for my -04 LCR ?
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