Broken suspension spring?

aaronbromley Owner
Nov 25, 2004
Hey guys and girls,

I was driving out of my close last night turning the wheel when i noticed a sound which i can only describe as a "scraping" sound. It was too dark last night to be able to see what was wrong and i assumed it was a piece of plastic catching on the wheel, so i had a look this-morning and found this:

It looks light my front right spring is broken (as you can see the coils are too close together at the top).


Skoda Techie
Mar 22, 2003
Pretty well covered on here, I would think you wil also need the top mount and bearing replaced.


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Aug 25, 2009
I would say the best way is to remove the suspension strut & inspect further.

A month or two back i had my car Serviced by the stealers. They diagnosed my car to have both front coil springs to be snapped. After further inspection & replacement was taken on by myself I found only one of the coil springs snapped.

As mentioned Replacing the Top mounts is advised & this something I should of done in my own scenario.

After a recent conference with a Coil spring producer, it was mentioned that its advised to change the springs in pairs (this could be seen as a method to increase their revenue). I myself changed both.

All I will say is that as long as you have the right experience, the right tools & information you could take on the job yourself.

One Guide which I found helpful was the following:

Best of luck.

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