1. Do shortened shocks affect ride height?

    i put a set of coilovers in my leon, and the front looks great but the back still sits a bit high for me i’ve seen people on facebook say shortened shocks will drop it more but from what i know i thought it’s only springs that determine ride height anyone have any experience with this?
  2. Lowered/Coilovers

    Hey, Could anyone who has their car lowered link me what coilovers or springs they have? If you have a photo of how it looks at whatever height you have your car too that would be useful for reference! Thanks
  3. Franky89

    Ibiza sport 2008 1.4

    Hi I have seen an Ibiza sport 2008 1.4 BXW engine and its great condition and great price with low milage. The only issue I have is with it being a sport version that the sport suspension might be too stiff as a commuter car. Is it safe to swap all the suspension to standard suspension...
  4. Top mount cup sitting high?

    (cupra 180) what have i done wrong here? surely this cant be how they are meant to sit? recently installed Stance+ coilovers and thought id install powerflex top mounts at the same time.. the cup is sitting on top of the bushing rather than inside like i assume its meant to? thanks for any help...
  5. Suspension arms 6J Remove and re-fit front suspension

    I had some issues finding help on this when I was doing it so I took the time to photograph what I did to write this guide and hopefully help others who attempt it. Disclaimer: I am not a professional mechanic, just a enthusiast who likes to have a go myself. Follow this advice at your own...
  6. Coilovers

    Hi can someone that has Coilovers in their leon link me where the bought them, I have a 2015 seat leon 1.6 tdi? Thanks
  7. Alloys and Suspensions

    Looking at 19 inch alloys for my leon probably be on 235/35 tyres, Does anyone else have 19 inch alloys and have Coilovers or springs in if so what mm are they at to prevent any rubbing on the arch etc? Thanks
  8. S10EAT

    Wanted - Rear Anti Roll bar Leon Mk1 / 1M

    Hi, I’m after a rear anti roll bar for a Leon Mk1 /1M chassis - not fussed on make, white line, EIBACH, H&R as long as it’s 23mm+ in size. Thanks!!!
  9. Gerhard

    FR suspension and coilovers.

    Hello, I am currently in a big dilemma about lowering my leon. I currently want to lower my ride height about ~30mm and i was thinking about buying a coilover set. But the issue is that the FR came with quite a stiff suspension from the factory already and i am thinking if coilovers are going...
  10. PP BennyC

    First mods for your Cupra 280/290/300

    Hey all, Just a quick one from your friendly sponsor, we've been gathering lot's of feedback from our Leon Cupra customers about what their favourite and best 'bang for buck' first mods have been, here's the article we've written up on the subject with a bit of insight into how each part affects...
  11. Clunky steering at low speed

    Exeo ST 143 2012 Since new to me at 6000 miles the steering/suspension is clunky or lumpy when manoeuvring at low speeds and at near full lock. It happens occasionally when parking in a tight space. Typically this shows as a noisy thumping from the front wheels. Six years and 125,000 miles...
  12. Going from lowered to original suspension

    Hi all, Had the 290 SC running on lowered springs for 3 years now (from new) and as I’m intending on buying the car when the balloon payment comes up next month I’m thinking of putting the original springs back on. I don’t think I can continue with the absolutely awful comfort anymore (maybe...
  13. Knocking sound/feeling at 30-40mph

    Hi all, I've got a 2015 Leon FR, earlier today after going over a few smallish pot holes I noticed that there was a faint repetitive knocking sound/feeling coming from the left hand side. This only seems to be noticeable between 30 & 40mph. The car drives straight and doesn't pull to either...
  14. Suspension/handling issues and advice.

    Hi, I have recently purchased a MY10 Ibiza fr 2.0tdi Long story short, bought it blind with mods. Coilovers that came are joms (budget) knocking from NSF AND NSR. Just replaced with oem front and rear shocks and second hand H&R lowering springs. Here’s the problem the oem shocks and H&Rs came...
  15. Lewis Hall

    Lowering Springs

    Hello, I have a 1.2L tsi seat ibiza 65plate, wondering if the apex 35mm springs will fit the sport coupe version, called companies up and they said they didnt know but im guessing this is due to not many people with the red edition, thank you
  16. weitec and standard suspension help

    Hey all, Brought some weitec suspension second hand, and i had seat sport suspension on my car, the front was ok, but on the rear the 3 nuts what hold the top mounts on have got a different thread. Just wondering, with new weitec kits do they come with the nuts? Or do nuts of standard...
  17. Poll - suspension

  18. Deemeek

    Cupra Suspension

    Hey, has anyone got any leon cupra orginal suspension for sale, i have 1.9tdi with the BTCC bodykit and i want it to sit a bit lower. i could put it on coilovers but i dont want to lose much of the comfort and from driving in a cupra i would like those prings and shocks and that leaves the car...
  19. Apologies for yet another suspension question...

    I promise, this will be the last! (hopefully!) I've been looking at Bilstein B4's for my SEAT Toledo 2.3, and have found two sets of numbers; Sports setup VNE 4575 front BNE 2917 rear Normal VNE 4574 front BNE 2942 rear I'm tempted by the sports setup, mainly because you only...
  20. Veyron

    Will this Suspension Spring fit?

    Hi, posted on another thread but thought it would be best to make a new one. My suspension spring snapped (Front left) so am looking for a replacement and was wondering if this one would fit? Thanks...
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