Suspension/handling issues and advice.


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Dec 22, 2018
Hi, I have recently purchased a MY10 Ibiza fr 2.0tdi

Long story short, bought it blind with mods. Coilovers that came are joms (budget) knocking from NSF AND NSR. Just replaced with oem front and rear shocks and second hand H&R lowering springs.

Here’s the problem the oem shocks and H&Rs came off a polo 6r engine size unknown. direct fit but are way to soft. Front shocks bottom out at the slightest on pot holes, handling has actually worsened and just bounces all over the place compared to the joms.

Solution? New better quality coilovers? Coil spring spacers to increase height and stiffness?

I don’t really want to go standard height but if it means optimum handling then I will.



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Jun 26, 2014
If the Polo was a petrol its probably 100 kg lighter on the front, so your spring rates are all wrong. Need stiffer ones to support the weight of that 2,0 diesel.
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