1. Mafio

    Roug idle at 1.100rpm

    Hey, I've got a 1.6 16v 2003 Leon Recently I cleaned the throttle body, everything went smooth, I reconnected the battery and started the car. The car couldn't make it past 1000 rpm, the sensor wasn't connected, I quickly turned the car off and connected it to the throttle body. But now the...
  2. Stock coding for footwell lights

    I have been messing around with trying to code leds to the footwell lights but didn’t work , I have now put in the stick bulbs and need the stock coding settings for them to work . If anyone could send them to me would mean a lot thanks For a seat Leon 2013
  3. LED footwell lights coding

    I bought these led footwell lights off eBay ( but when I installed them I realized they didn't work. after some research, I found you have to code then and so I copied what...
  4. demonikx

    Need Help! Seat Ibiza cockpit speed adjustment coding option

    I need some help yesterday i replace my wheels from 185/60/r15 to 215/45/r16 As i saw in couple forums some people says that need to change coding in BCM I check and in my car the default coding in block 17 byte 3 --> Variant1 After that I check coding in Skoda Fabia that was come by default...
  5. demonikx

    Need Help FR Rear Lights for Leon Station 2016 Style

    Hello I have seat leon station style 2016 with regular rear lights. I want order the rear led lights as it in FR version. Can any one provide the serial numbers or just VIN Code for Seat Leon 2016 Station for checking Led rear light before face lift please.
  6. tally2425

    Media system is terrible!

    Bought the misses a Ibiza FR (2014) we love the car but really struggling to get the AUX/Bluetooth to work properly. The Bluetooth is absolutely terrible, we got a new Garmin portable satnav so we know the part can't be the issue but it's so intermittent it will stop/start constantly and...
  7. Jamesw1990

    My White Seat Leon FR Black Edition (20 Reg)

    Hi there so just got my Leon and loving it :) So far ive only took the leon badge off the back and fitted wind deflectors. Planning on getting the calipers painted black not sure why they made them silver on the black edition. ??‍♂️ Looking for some ideas on here really...Maybe somehow...
  8. Syphon

    Forum software guide (hints and tips)

    Introduction Welcome to the SEATCUPRA.NET forum software guide. You may be new to forums or not be familiar with the software we use here, or simply be unaware of some of the capabilities on offer. This guide will hopefully help you. This is specifically about the software we use which is...
  9. oggydoodaa

    VCDS Cable + software

    Looking at getting a VCDS Cable and software for my 2001 LC but looking at prices a little out of my range . Wandering if there's anywhere reliable to get a cheaper one as I have a door lock issue that's causing my immobilizer to sometimes activate and prevent my car running. I would also like...
  10. New FOB key problem

    Okay so my previous remote key was toast since buying the car. It was functional but the buttons where squashed from the previous owner so I went ahead and ordered a completely new one from one of the dealers that my insurance recommended to me. All well I drive to the dealer to get my new key...
  11. Cupra 280 - resonator or rear muffler (silencer) delete? Help!

    Afternoon people, Just a very quick one. I'm looking to delete my resonator or rear muffler (silencer), can someone please help me in choosing which one I should delete? I'm more leaning towards the rear muffler at the moment. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Please see attached...
  12. Bendubiard_

    Fmic help !

    Hi guys, been looking into getting a fmic for my leon cupra whilst i got this time off for the lockdown and ive been looking at a few universal kits on ebay but they all seem to have the dodgy looking pipes coming out the sides of the intercooler that just look gross when fitted cause you lose...
  13. 2.0tfsi weird loss of boost please help!

    Hi everyone I have had this issue since taking owner ship of the car when it was stock now stage 1 I have changed every service item plugs coil filters dv n75 etc I have experienced this odd boost problem has gotten worse since mapped as more obviously boost. so 3rd gear or above you floor...
  14. Jedubs

    Help with a leak on my car?

    Got a soaking wet interior mainly on the drivers side but cant find the source of the leak its driving me mad. Anyone know what i should try next? thanks video of where the water puddles up - All ends up here on the drivers side The boot was full of water...
  15. Seat Ibiza death trap

    I have recently bought a seat ibiza about a week ago and just noticed that when I brake reasonably hard the front wheels move towards the rear of the car by about 5 or 6 inches I’ve had a browse through the forums and I cannot find anyone who’s had this problem can anybody tell me why it is...
  16. 1.2turd

    1.8tsi 30-70mph times

    Just wondering if anyone has figures that i can compare too. My cupra regularly done 5.3-5.5seconds 30-70mph stock. and with my CAI and exhaust its now doing 4.7 quite consistently. Ive noticed that REVO's figures are very close to mine in stock and that im 0.2 secs faster than their stage one...
  17. 1.2turd

    2016 cupra Airbox removal

    Hi guys, ive recently bought a cold air intake system that i want to fit myself, but i have no instructions to help with the process, so basically how the f**k do i remove the standard system. Cheers
  18. Kieff

    New guy

    Hello all, I’ve been looking for the first mod to do in my car and I think it will be the paddle shifters. Does anyone know any good ones? I don’t want the metal ones with the cut outs. Also been thinking about getting a TDI tuning kit on the car anyone had one before and is it worth it?? Lastly...
  19. Y3DFY

    Are the Ibiza cupra DSG paddles the same shape/size as the mk5 gti

    Looking at buying some cheap ish ones as I'm not trying to break the bank on just looks for the interior iv had a look on other posts but no one seems to confirm that they are or aren't the same size, I drive a mk5 Ibiza cupra
  20. Lewis griffiths

    New here, mod help

    Hi there, Let me introduce myself first I'm lewis hi, I have owned alot of VWs a couple of 1.8t not done much due to my age. Last month I decided to buy a leon cupra mk1 2004 auq 180bhp Two days into ownership white smoke and turbo failure ouch right, Turbo changed for recon turbo Having a...
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