1. Sourcing rear back seat lock mech

    Hi all My Cupra R mk1 225 has failed it's MOT on the rear back seat lock mechanism. My local garage has contact Seat and tried various car parts shops but can't source one. Does anyone know where I could buy one? Failing that, does anyone have a part number? Finally if I'm unable to source one...
  2. Ryan Pithers

    Hey Everyone!

    Hello, everyone buying my first Seat Leon Cupra R 225 09/06/2019 and can not wait. Dream car at 18 need to try and find cheap modified insurance - No black box :)
  3. Looking at Cupra R Bam

    Really interested in buying a Cupra R 225, i have found one I like but it has 120k mileage, I’ve read the forums and can see the engines can be good for 150k+ This car has had new gearbox/clutch , Cambelt and waterpump and been remapped by AMD I’m 2016 to 260bhp I was just wondering how how...
  4. Jordan.Montgomery

    Clutch Problems opinions please!

    So I’ve just treated my LCR 225 to a brand new, kevtec clutch, DM flywheel, slave and master clylinder, don’t about 400 miles since the new clutch has been put in and after an hour or so of driving the clutch slips when I hit boost? So confused because it doesn’t happen when cold only after a...
  5. RS6

    Cupra R 225 silver pedals and kick plate

    does anyone know how much the silver pedals are from seat any part numbers and the silver kick plate on the left of the pedals?
  6. Handbrake light flashing with 3 beeps on my Leon Cupra R 225?

    Hello I have a 2004 Leon Cupra R 225. The handbrake light has started flashing randomly with 3 beeps. It seems to do it when i go around a bend or touch the brakes. I have checked the brake fluid and it seems ok! I also have a problem with the clutch. When you 1st push the clutch...
  7. Cupra R 225 Steering Wheel stripe

    Hi, I am new to this forum, and would like some advice regarding my new Cupra R. I have recently bought a 2005 Leon 225. I have noticed that the steering wheel does not have the red stripe top centre. I thought all 225's came with the red stripe on the wheel, can anyone advise...
  8. Mark's Black LCR 225

    I thought it may be time to keep a log of what I have done and plan to do with my car, nothing mega special planned, just trying to keep up on the servicing and a few select modifications, hope no one minds me taking some site space! Ok what have I done so far! Forge 007 Yellow Spring Forge...
  9. marv_n69

    LCR 225 Pics with spacers, pls

    Hi, Anyone out there got a picture of their LCR 225 with wheel spacers fitted??? Using standard wheels & sus etc 15mm rear & 10mm front OR 15mm rear & 0mm front OR any pics with spacers fitted on a LCR 225 will do ;-) Cheers all
  10. LCR 210 - 225 ? whats the difference .

    Hi guys , Im looking into a Cupra r next month , Please could someone tell me the difference between the two. Aka 03 reg 210 , Or a 04 reg 225 ?. Im aware the engine code is different ? , I mean is there anything else that makes them different. And also if both where next to each other...
  11. ChrisGTL

    ChrisGTL - MK1 LCR 225 - Going from APR to REVO

    Here I am to start my second progress thread. 2005 1.8T LCR 225 - Ebony Black Engine Code: BAM DOA: 13/03/2010
  12. 8bit

    Stereo fit on 2005 LCR 225?

    Hi all, Haven't even picked it up yet (roll on tomorrow!) but already thinking as far ahead as swapping out the stereo head unit for something with an iPod connection. Can anyone tell me if the standard unit on the Cupra R 225 is the standard DIN size or will I need a facia and/or cage to...
  13. 225 cupra r steering wheel

    i have found my self a cupra r 225 steering wheel, which is quite worn - has anyone every had a steering wheel refurbished / leather replaced? how much does it cost? also has anyone ever removed / replaced the badge at the bottom of the wheel? cheers chris
  14. 180 - 225? Is there a significant difference?

    Hi, I am about to buy a Cupra and wondered if there was a notable difference in performance between the 180 and 225. I am not a boy racer yet want a car that can overtake all the carrot crunchers driving their tractors and the hairy assed truckers who block up my route to work on the A roads...
  15. Cupra R 225 re-mapped 0-60

    Hi, I am considering mapping my Cupra R 225, figures i see are approx 250-260BHP does anyone know what the 0-60 should be after re-map? Cheers
  16. difference in wing mirror 210 v 225 lcr

    hi guys is there any difference in the wing mirrors from a lcr 210 and an lcr 225??? will either mirror fit and work on the other????
  17. 06 Reg LCR 225

    Just seen an 06 reg Leon Cupra R 225 on Autotrader! Only ever seen one other and that was a written off Platinum one posted on here somewhere. This one is a Black Magic one with Sat Nav and Recaros. £11k though! :blink: [B)]
  18. Gravesie-363

    Gravesie LCR Progress Thread - Back on the road ! :) 29/12/2012

    Story goes, picked her up tuesday just gone . . . 55 Plate 42,000 miles FSH Tested till November Blah Blah Blah . . . Bought it from SG Petch in Darlington for a price i couldnt refuse! Im a mechanic so i had a look around it on Wednesday after work and found a couple of goodies on...
  19. Forge Remap - LCR 225

    Now thinking of getting my car remapped by Forge, and was just wondering if anyone else has had this done on their LCRs? Struggling to find any reviews of the map, so if anyone has had this done, what are the charactaristics? smooth? any noticable power bands or spikes? impressed/happy with...
  20. Standard Window Tint LCR 225

    Hi, i want to get the windows tinted on my LCR does anyone know what the %'age of tint is on the standard driver/pas windows??
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