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Will these alloys fit LCR ??


Active Member
Jul 30, 2009
North East (Middlesbrough)
Ebay item number 290425199024

Before you all mock me for this i may add i know sweet FA about alloy fittments, and i really dont know what all the "off set" and all that jazz means

I know that there are limited wheels that fit LCRs due to brembos :shrug::shrug:


Under the Hood
Sep 2, 2009
Midlands, UK
they are showing as sold, did you buy them?

look nice, sorry i cant tell you if they fit or not but google alloy wheel fitments/guides and you will find some answers.

Murdered LCR

Wide mouthed mofo
Sep 9, 2006
Murder Inc.
Lcr alloys are 5x100 and are et 35. Others will fit with adaptors etc as for the different off sets I'm not 100% on them but people will
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