What brake pads for my LCR?


Hi all, i need front pads for my 04 Cupra R, i don't hammer her or brake late and heavy so i don't need high performance pads, discs are good just feels spongy and a fair bit of travel but brake fluid has just been topped up by garage i bought her from last week.

Loving her by the way, should have bought one years ago.

Still no replies about costs on gearbox refurb on my other post.;)


You need to search first mate before asking questions like this!!!!! lots of stuff about it

Get brembo or ferrodo ds2500.
I have searched on here mate and cross referenced the pads on here with stuff on fleabay and the like and costs vary from about £25 per set to about £140 per set, as i said i don't hammer the brakes so what is a good mid priced option?


Jack-RIP my little Friend
Jul 25, 2001
spongy pedal is air in there.. pressure bleed the brakes
ds2500's are great pads with better bite over oe.. and less £ than oe pads too
but cheap buy twice..
you get what you pay for brake wise
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