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Sep 13, 2023
I have a mk1 Leon cupra R 225bam with stage1 @ 270bhp on a 53plate with about 107,000 , I have had her for 5ish years, I had a full service, cambelt and water pump and the water coolant has gone all frothy but it don’t have no oil in it, I took the oil cap off and there’s no white foam on it at all, and she is not over heating she running at normal temperature 90oc while driving and then when stopped at lights the temperature drops to about 75oc and goes back up as soon as I start moving again. I have parked her up in the fear that the head gasket was on its way out, I have asked a few mechanics and they all say they don’t no. Has anyone on here had a similar problem or knows what is the problem thanks in advance


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Sep 7, 2023
i would advice you to start from the simpe and cheap things, such as thermostats and coolant temp sensors, also i would advise you to use liquimolly coolant flush. it is a soap like liquid substance which you leave into your coolant work the car for an hour to reach temp and then change g12, this might help
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