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i`ve got a knocking noise


i`ve got a loud knocking noise coming from the front on both wheels when i turn corners both ways and in straight line under normal acceleration no noise when not moving or at idle so its not engine
Jun 28, 2001
could just be the 1 or could be something else best to get it diagnosed correctly


Active Member
Jul 3, 2007
i didn`t think of that it just seems funny that both would go at the same time
When mine went on my old clio only one of the joints had gone but there was a VERY loud knocking noise when i turned either way.

i think i`ll book in to a seat garage in the new year
Im guessing a SEAT deler would charge you a small fortune to get the CV Joints done by them. An independant garage would likely do it you a lot cheaper. I paid £105 for both side of mine done on the clio.

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