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Infotainment (Head unit) blank screen/crashes


Active Member
Jan 20, 2019
Has anyone had issues with the infotainment system screen going blank and crashing while using Car Play? My car seems to do this fairly often and when it happens the sound still works but can’t be turn off until it restarts. I don’t know whether it only happens with car play as I’m normally using it to avoid traffic or charging my phone.


Active Member
May 10, 2019
Yea i use Android auto this happens they to often. Switching between apps it crashes. This didn't happen with older version of Android auto. It's happening very recently

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Mar 29, 2016
I'm having a fair few issues. I seems to be mostly when the car goes over a bump and the cable momentarily glitches. My old Fabia never did this. One of my USB ports is also not working. Going to ask them to investigate when it's due a service, it's only a month or so away.
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