Leon FR550 versions



Im looking for some info on fr550 models, im on the lookout for one, in that spec, but i would like the CR model, and not the pd.
Most of the 550 i checked all have pd engines, so im wondering do they come with cr engine at all, or was the 550 edition only available in 2008.



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Jan 30, 2012
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Hi. Yeah the 550's were a limited edition at the end of the Pre-facelift models (2008). I don't think there a CR version?? I too fancied the 550 but TBH they were considerably more than the normal FR in price and hardly any extras (the Cupra style seats being the main reason I wanted one!). For the price of the 550's I seen you could get a mint FR TDi 170 with the BTCC kit on and for a newer FR too!


thats my question answered then. Thanks

So the only difference is the seats? ah that wouldnt bother me that much. I tought they had ipod connection, bigger wheels, climate control,etc
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