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let see you backboxes!!


EXEO Sport & mk2 IBIZA
Sep 7, 2008
mansfield, notts
after craigw got a new backbox and some people thought it looked odd as it was so far back, got me thinking, lets have a look at all the other back boxes! i will start it off!

the bumper will be green soon with a black bottom so you can leave that alone lol!!


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Mar 6, 2005
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both my old mk2 'bizas had the mk3 cupra back boxes on..

have a choice of two to swap on to the golf at the mo.. a universal twin one or a 16V twin .. really dont like the one thats on at the moment.
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Apr 12, 2007
Hawick, Scottish Borders, Scotland
Thought as my name was mentioned in the opening post I should put my pictures up.

Before its was on the car.

And on the car.

Its a universal box from ebay (as I needed one in a hurry) and even though it is universal Im very pleased with it. Not too loud when cruising but when you put the foot down you know it is there! [B)].

I like how subtle it is with the way that it is currently fitted but I think that it needs to be pulled out a little into the gap in the bumper.


Mine was too noisy (not my decision though as I loved the sound!) and I have had it removed.
I'm afraid mine is a little too. Have a extra muffler tip in the car though but have to thicken it. It rattled when installed in the pipe.
When I have 15 posts I'll post some pictures haha. What box do you have now?
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