Losing coolant and fumes found in cooling system, head gasket blown?


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May 30, 2019
Well, have had head gasket replaced...consumption is much worse now!! Is it normal after head gasket replacement?? What cause this?
Are you saying it is still loosing coolant out the header tank? OR that the coolant level in the header tank keeps going down?
If loosing coolant out the header tank it should be visibly 'damp' around that area.

As mentioned previously by Brian Gordon-Stables - my money would have been on your EGR cooler - this is just a heat exchanger between your exhaust gasses and coolant - it this fails you will see exhaust emissions in the coolant and it will over pressurise your coolant meaning it will keep loosing out past the header cap.

The latest VAG part number is 04L131512BQ which should be around £200 for the part.


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Feb 15, 2017
A very outside possibility:- that garage did diagnose this correctly, has done a good job of replacing a failed HG but failed miserably when it came to purging any or all trapped air when refilling the coolant - in which case this dropping coolant level will settle down once it has self purged itself - or is coolant being ejected from the header tank still?

Edit:- or just another issue that you didn't notice which the HG was failing, like the EGR cooler leaking - does the cabin heater work okay?
Well, it looks like the right side blows a bit cooler than left side...
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