McLaren Mercedes MP4-25 launch at Vodafone HQ, Newbury


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Today the new McLaren Mercedes MP4-25 was launched to the press and sponsors at Vodafone HQ, Newbury.

For once it was actually the real car that turned up, and the one Lewis will be testing next week. As a result, mere mortals weren't allowed to get that close to it due to the spectators favourite 'double diffuser' which remains a closely guarded secret. This years car is much longer due to the larger fuel tanks, and the car is reputed to be the same length as Ferrari's new car.

Jensen, Lewis and Martin Whitmore turned up, and did a few hours PR in the sleet and rain.

Here are a few pictures my wife took (she was invited guest). She also managed to skank me a shirt, lanyard and some autographs from both drivers!

Jensen's ride was a white C63 AMG, and Lewis had a black 500SL.


are they planning to win by blinding the other drivers with that shiny body work?


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it will be a very interesting year in terms of strategy as the current rules of engagement will change significantly.

What i mean by that is in the last few years with refuelling pitting later gave you an advantage.
Eg if two cars were vying for a place, the one that managed 2 more laps before pitting would be able to run two faster laps and come out in front.

But now:
The car that pits first, will for those two laps be on fresh rubber but importantly will have no extra fuel and therefore no weight penalty.

So pitting early would now appear to be providing an advantage, (although too early and traffic will be an issue and late on in the race the tyres will be worn.. but you will have track position)

Also the lack of refuelling and therefore the feature of having to select the fuel load the day before the race should allow strategies to be more flexible and altered during the race.
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