1. tur8o_boi

    Boc and launch control?

    anyone know if the Boc has launch control like other cars with the DSG?
  2. warren_cox

    McLaren Mercedes MP4-25 launch at Vodafone HQ, Newbury

    Today the new McLaren Mercedes MP4-25 was launched to the press and sponsors at Vodafone HQ, Newbury. For once it was actually the real car that turned up, and the one Lewis will be testing next week. As a result, mere mortals weren't allowed to get that close to it due to the spectators...
  3. wheel bounce on launch!

    Guys, I'm not one for racing but since the weather has been relatively dry and I've only had my Cupra 1.5 months, I thought I'd take the opportunity to put my foot down to enjoy the acceleration. Usually I wait until i'm in second gear until I put my foot down, but obviousy wantin to feel...
  4. New Cupra R

    Sorry guys & gals not been on here for ages so this may be old news....... 265 bhp. 0-60 under six secs!
  5. xJib

    Seat to launch 265hp Leon Cupra R in Frankfurt?

    Just saw this and looks very interesting.
  6. leon cupra with launch control

    hi just thought id put this post on to see if anyone was interested the sound is not the greatest but you get the picture hopefully
  7. DaNnY_LaD

    W.O.T Box & 2-step launch control

    Right as im hearing nothing but good things about this kit....Ive desided to get one for the Gt2x... How Hard is it to wirer up ? How much is it and were can i get it from? Does it act as some sort of anti-lag and is it ok for normal town driving and will only work when Bootin it... Any...
  8. Any news on 09 revamped launch date and prices?

    Have I missed anything, or is there a release date and prices yet?
  9. Exeo Dealer Launch

    Alexandra Bridge Seat in Sunderland have invited me to their Exeo launch on Friday, anyone else going for a nose around the new Exeo this week? I'm currently driving an 06 plate previous shape Audi A4 which the Exeo is based on so I'll be able to make a good comparison!
  10. RobDon

    2009 season launch Brands Hatch Ford Focus Good to see Ford back in the BTCC, if Volvo are back too this could be the best season in years!
  11. cuprascott

    Launch Control (ish) FR TDI

    Discovered it this morning be stationary select first gear with the clutch depressed ESP ON Floor it and the revs will hold constant at 3k Drop the clutch and bang your off! Doenst work with the ESP OFF. Anybody else tried this?
  12. Launch Control on FR DSG?

    Hi, Ordered my FR DSG on Friday... Can anyone with a similar car confirm whether Launch Control works? According to the GTi guys on this is the procedure: Select S Disable ESP Foot on Brake Foot on Accelerator Revs will spike then settle down to 2500rpm Then wait for...
  13. Ol' Timer

    CarKeys Launch Report on Leon Cupra

    CarKeys have got a report on the UK version of the Cupra. It's by David Finlay, who slated the FR version before. He's obviously a bit embarrassed about that and refers to it in the Cupra review.
  14. Leon Cupra UK Launch Date

    Sorry if this question has already been asked, but in the next couple of weeks I will be ordering the Leon FR TFSI as my new company car, but I see that the Cupra version is due to be released soon, does anyone know a date yet as I may hold off on ordering the FR, just in case I get a chance of...
  15. Unofficial launch date for the new Leon Cupra

    According to a dutch dealership I got in contact with, the Cupra will be available in the UK in September this year, before any other country.:D
  16. Altea DSG launch control?

    Has any one with DSG tried the launch control feature for fast starts? This appears to be an undocumented feature as described on a audi DSG FAQ at it is item 9. The site is american and they are upset because only european DSG have this feature...
  17. 1/4 mile launch technique

    Hi all I have been to Santa Pod with my CC'd Cupra R and could only manage a 15.116...... I need some advice on launch techniques what rev's etc should I be ready with etc.... also what time should I expect with a 275bhp Cupra R? Please let me know any adivce cheers can't be getting...
  18. AndyVTR

    Leon PD150 Launch

    Best way? Got ahead of a A3 2.0 TDi in first then he came past when I changed gear. Have heard some people say launch in 2nd and slip the clutch?? I guess it could have been me not wanting to kill my car changing gear like a nutter...
  19. Ant FR

    Launch date of FR, reiable info

    Looks like the Leon FR is penciled in for Uk release on the 7th July 2006 It appears to be launched the same day as the Altea 2.0 TFSI FR as well. Info is from the SEAT 2006 event calender in this weeks Auto Express. Also ties in with previous info seen on other sites.
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