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CarKeys Launch Report on Leon Cupra


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Jul 2, 2005
Of these, the most rarified is the one consisting of cars producing more than 220bhp, and there is certainly no shortage of those
Contradicting himself inside the first paragraph :doh:


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Sep 27, 2006
Same as all the other reviews so far then! Too crashy, not good enough on rough surfaces and not refined enough to live with on a daily basis.

Shame really :(


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Apr 30, 2006
Milton Keynes
"In particular, I'll be able to see if it becomes easier to drive the car smoothly (from current experience, applying the brakes and releasing the clutch both require what would be described in a dance context as "educated feet" if you want to avoid jerkiness)."

Now i might be being picky here, but surely half of the point of buying a car like this is that you want to be involved in the drive, if it's as easy to drive as a nissan micra and about as involving ... it would detract from the ownership experience.

If you're too hamfooted / unskilled to get the best from it, either learn to drive properly or choose a different car :)

Ol' Timer

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Jun 20, 2004
It's worth having a read of some of his other reviews, such as the two LCR reviews to get an idea of his style of writing and, dare I say it, driving.
Apparently he's a "successful racing driver" but I've discovered that he is also a pianist and composer. Perhaps his problem with the Cupra is that he can't concentrate on the Mendelssohn on the cd player with all that noise and jiggling about.:)


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May 19, 2001
Clanfield, UK
SEAT chose a route which included some fantastic but at times very bumpy roads. Here, the Cupra's good points faded away to nothing. There was no opportunity to use the power because the electronic aids were refusing to allow it, the handling deteriorated because the tyres weren't staying in touch with the tarmac,
The guys just wrong then, or can't drive for toffee

no TCS flickering as I was popping along these same roads across the top of the peaks at numbers beginning with 1

Z & I both agreed that that part of the drive was the most fun & rewarding!
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