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Altea DSG launch control?


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Dec 7, 2004
Has any one with DSG tried the launch control feature for fast starts?

This appears to be an undocumented feature as described on a audi DSG FAQ at http://hitechgti.50megs.com/audi/DSG-FAQ.html it is item 9. The site is american and they are upset because only european DSG have this feature.

Basically it indicates that you can effectivly dump the clutch.

There are some other interesting differences between sport/normal modes.

I often find that the normal take off of the DSG is a bit slow compared to the car next to you, so this would help:p .


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Oct 13, 2005
launch control i believe just stick foot down drop the clutch and the engine will pull away holding/feeding the perfect revs for the fastest possible launch.
i think but it is early!
don't know how this activate or works on DSG cos never been in a car with it fitted!


Not tried this method with ESP off, but Even with it on, you get a lot of judder from the driveshafts as the tyres struggle for grip. I'll have a go sometime, but I would think you'd get a lot of wheelspin with ESP off.
I have found the pull away a tiny bit swifter in sport or manual modes, but not a lot in it. If they could cure the lag, it would be close to perfect, I reckon.


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I always know that I will beat Mr Average with their manual shift who is stirring the box so I don't bother too much and just loose them..... BTW I like to keep my rubber. It always looks cool as to have two hands on the steering wheel when pulling away against those that are pulling a muscle [in their arm] or one is using the right hand too tap to the music and the left hand to steer or vice versa for left hand drive ;). That worked nicely at UK Customs today in Calias, as one sped for the ferry commenting on the civil servants blonde hair rinse, perhaps too much launch control there and perhaps too much rinse out of the bottle :).... government workers for you.
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