1. Control unit ABS?

    Hi there! Im a proud owner of a Seat Leon 1.9tdi 2001 To pass the MOT, i need to change the fix an ABS light in instrumentpanel. Following fault when connecting with VAG-com: CAN-bus error. Changing the ABS control module could fix the fault? If so, where do i find the control unit for...
  2. tackleberry83

    Traction control light

    As said above I have a fault on my '08 FR TDi where the traction control turns itself off after 10 mins. The car doesn't even have to move and the light comes on?? Any ideas??? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. retro fit cruise control in or near devon

    i need help i want cruise control to help me with long journeys, but not fancy the drive up to awsome to get it done, any one know of a place near or in devon
  4. Traction control light

    Hi, I have searched and found a few threads regarding the traction control light staying on but haven't seen exactly what happened to mine. Basically I was driving quite hard yesterday night and all of a sudden the engine lost all power for a second and then again kept going off and coming...
  5. andy_lang

    Bad Idle issue and also Traction control!!

    Hi all, Right my mk1 Cupra has developed an idling issue which was very random but now more and more so. Idle is very irritac (excuse spelling!) and when I clutch it often now just conks out!! This is very VERY annoying at junctions, roundabouts etc! :( While on idle its hovering around 500...
  6. fitting climate control to non climate control

    Hi, ive got a 2.0 tdi reference and it doesnt come with digital climate control but i can get hold of one pretty cheap, just wanted to know how hard it would be to fit and any programming needed afterwards cheers
  7. paul6316

    No Climate control, Indicators or wipers on LCR

    Just popped up the shops and realised that neither the indictors nor the wipers were working. The hazards are fine. I have checked both fuses and they are also fine. Any ideas?
  8. DPF & Emission Control Fault lights on

    Hi, I wonder if any one can advise, I have never had the DPF problem before, however both the DPF light and the "Fault in the emission control system" lights have come on, on my 2007 Leon FR. Does anyone know what this might mean? Typical as its just run out of warranty. Thanks for...
  9. Dash Warning Light ON - Emission Control System ?

    Noticed the light lit up on the way home from work today. The light is on solid, and isnt flashing, and hasnt gone out... If it relates to emissions (?), should it be safe to carry on driving the car, as phoning the Dealer where I bought the car (8 months ago), they cant fit me in until next...
  10. Scott-o

    Climate control info when you press..........

    When you press the air direction buttons and the econ button all in sequence it brings up loads of info you can cycle through. I think its from 0-50? Anyone know what each one means because as you scroll through it just gives you a load of different values and i'd like to know what they are...
  11. Climate Control Ibiza MK3

    Hey guys, hows it hanging :-o lol , Anyway My climate control screen recently has started going dodgy, meaning you can't seem to see any properly on it, lines flicker in n out etc. I was just wondernig what you guys think it could be ? :think: Thanks :clap:
  12. traction control and alarn sensor switch suplier

    Where can I get a traction control switch and alarm sensor switch for a reasonable price....there about 30 quid each from seat!
  13. esp traction control light staying on

    hi newby here i have bought a seat leon 20v turbo 2000 year w reg and was wondering if ne one nos how to fix this problem im havin when i start to drive the car the esp light comes on the dash and hold the car back and the light only switches off when u turn the engine off then back on ne help...
  14. kevh

    Cruise Control retrofit

    I know Awsomegti are very reasonable priced for retrofit on Leon but as i live in Hampshire to travel up to them would make it very expensive job in time and money is there anywhere in the south that does CC retrofit?
  15. Wing mirror control knob

    Morning, Just picked up my new 1.4 sc sport on saturday an when I was adjusting the wing mirrors yesterday the knob you adjust them with came off in my hand !!! Its gone back on but i'm wondering if i need just to glue this on or whether I should go back to th dealer as it may be a build...
  16. Climate control display

    Hi all does anyone know if it's possible to get the climate control unit out of mk1 leon repaired mine has quite a few dead pixels on the display or get new display I got one off eBay but when I've fitted it it's in worse condition than the one that's in now. After the listing said it was...
  17. climate control unit change

    morning all ive just received my new climate control unit for my mk1 leon but im unsure how to remove the old one and dont want to break or mark anything does anyone know how to get to the screws that hold it in? thanks kev
  18. climate control problem

    i have just bought a mk3 and one of the problems is with the climate control! if i have it set on high it blows hot but then as soon as i turn it down 1 it starts to blow cold. also it always says the outside temp is about 30 degrees with is not right lol. wanted to know if other people have had...
  19. Retrofit cruise control to an LCR?

    Phoned TPS today, who said there is not a retrofit kit available for the LCR, but many people on here have had it done. AIUI, i need the stalk, and an extra part of loom. Does anyone have the part numbers available, so I can just give them the numbers over the phone? Also, is there a...
  20. Cruise Control - Fitting - South Wales?

    Afternoon All, Yes - I'm afraid its another question about retro fitting cruise control to Mk 1 LCR 225. I have seen lots of posts on here where to buy it from (eBay being the favorite). However I am a little doubtful that i would be able to fit it myself. Does anyone know of anywhere that...
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