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Active Member
Jun 25, 2011
Has anyone had any issues with the sat nav on the mib2? I have a 2017 f/l and I’ve noticed that lately the position of my car on the map is slightly out to where the actual car is.

I am finding myself driving past turnings.

is there a way to reset it or calibrate it or do you think I need a new GPS receiver?


Active Member
Mar 10, 2013
The fact that you are receiving a GPS signal, and your car is in the ‘ball park’ location wise would indicate that the GPS receiver is probably ok.

A few quick checks:

- The infotainment/Nav unit can be reset by pressing and holding the power button down for 30 seconds (release when the screen reboots)
- Check the time settings/time displayed in the car/infotainment - is this displaying the same time as that on a mobile phone that is updated automatically? Also make sure that the time is set to update via GPS.
- Are the maps up to date? Software updates and GPS corrections are added to the new map files.

Apart from the above, poor GPS reception/GPS signal reflections (ie. blocked signal or reflections off buildings in city centres) can have an impact on accuracy.

Does this issue happen all of the time or just at certain places?


Active Member
May 6, 2017
From the Nav screen, there's a pop-out menu where you can change the view to show how many satellites it's seeing. Find this and see what yours is showing. Mines usually 10+. As above, you could update the maps. Especially as they could be up to three years old.
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