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Mk2 Toledo windscreen


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Oct 26, 2016
Hi guys. Been lurking for a while now. I drive a 2003 Toledo mk2 2.3 V5. South African here and bought the car about 18 months ago from South African that is moving back to the UK,who is brought the car here in 2008 when moving from UK to SA. Problem is Seat group only entered the country in 2004 and left again in 2010. 2 weeks ago the gardener at work decided to wash some cars and the car had been in the sun the entire day and was a very hot day. Windscreen got some spray water and got cracked right in the middle.

Now I am struggling to get a replacement as the only way to get it is through VW SA and the want £400 (current exchange rate) while a new Mk4 holf/jetta from our local glass installer would be maybe £50-60 (converted using exchange rate). Now I dont have that kind of cash lying arounf for a new one from VW which will be imported from the UK, and VW is unwillng to tell me if any alterntibe is possible.

I want to know will a mk4 jetta/golf windscreen fit?

Have had one quote from people saying they can fit it for a decent price but just want to know if it will fit from a jetta as it will make shopping around easier.

Also the car is ery nice just very hot inside. Seems overly insulated for our climate. But nice full house car. Satnav with aux (which I dont know how to get working) is unheard of in a 2003 model in our country. Kitted more like a 2007 car. All factory and has only 80k miles on still

Thank you


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