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Just looking through the forum and saw that you are a SEAT Technician. I recently got a 2004/54 Ibiza Cupra TDI 160 and wish to disable the EGR. Have tried disconnecting the vacuum hose to the EGR vacuum unit and plugging it, however, this seems to stop the anti-shudder valve working and lets the engine run on slightly as you switch off the ignition. I also tried diconnecting the EGR vacuum unit black plastic rod from the EGR valve spindle (and cable tieing the spindle in the closed position), but, again the anti-shudder valve did not work.

Anyway, I have seen alot of talk on the forum about turning off/down the EGR by using VAG-COM and changing the adaption value, however, I fail to see how this would have any effect when the EGR is controlled by part-throttle inlet vacuum (unless the black box near the EGR with all the hoses running in/out of it some how manipulates the vacuum to control how much the EGR opens).

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Oh, going back 5 years... :) As mentioned in the answers, I suggest you look into the links which have been provided here. In addition I would guess that all current versions of VCDS already come with extensive meas. block and adaptation descriptions.


Hi All Just going to start the modules in a few months...but I have a mac an old one too...ibook, still running tiger OS. Will I be able to do modules on a macintosh computer, or would I be better off using my windows at work/dual booting my mac?

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