Oct 11, 2020
Hi all,

I've had my leon cupra for around 3 weeks now, however my MPG everytime since refuel sits between 21-22mpg. And this is my driving in comfort mode or customised mode where I've changed everything to eco. Is this normal?


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Sep 22, 2017
Seems a bit low to me, mines a 17 plate 300 manual and I get around 33 in general driving, close to 40 motorway, mid to low 20 when running it hard.
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May 11, 2018
Depends what kind of driving you're doing really. That's probably about right for city driving or short journeys (less than, say, 12 miles) but low for anything else.


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cannot comment in any useful way without knowing what type of drives you take and how you drive.
Eg, in the 3 weeks, how many miles have you done?
whats the typical distance per drive?
what speed is the drive? town or rural? traffic or not?
Spirited drive? or are you taking it easy?
what gear are you in most of the time..

What mileage did you get in your previous car? and what was it? - useful for comparison to see if its just a difference in car or if there is an issue

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Oct 11, 2020
Its a 70 plate cupra automatic. My previous car was a corsa used to get 40mpg, mainly City driving, I've done 600miles. Drive on comfort. Only use cupra here and there but not majority of the time


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Aug 6, 2012
I’m getting 33mpg average over 2000 ish miles mostly B road 10 ish miles journeys with a bit of stop start.

Motorway/trips away getting 40-45mpg and when blasting a bit get mid 20’s


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Jan 12, 2011
It depends how you are driving it. If you are accelerating off every stop quickly then you will be getting crap MPG.

Having it in comfort doesn't stop you putting your foot down, it just makes everything feel a bit sluggish but performance wise its no different.
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Oct 11, 2020
Whats the ideal tyre pressure to have? I have continental sport tyres that came when I got the car


Mk3 Leon FR 150
Sep 2, 2019
Whats the ideal tyre pressure to have? I have continental sport tyres that came when I got the car
I always forget mine but a quick google of your car and spec, and it will tell you. Usually around 3.5 bar front and 3.2 back. Something like that :unsure:
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Dec 15, 2016
London, UK
I always thought that the PSI normal pressures for Cupra 19inches should be in the high 30s, like 38 or something PSI. And yes, the car is still new, it takes a bit of time to losen up, assuming you are giving it either Shell Vpower 99 / Esso 97 or Tesco Momentum 99 to drink? Please don't say 'oh the reuglar Premium 95 RON. From the factory, tyre pressures are super high from my experience, usually like 5 PSI too high! I do have the pressure handheld meter, so I just release until it settles to the desired PSI. After it passes 2k miles, you can look to get (now this is from experience) around 5mpg more like for like, which Cupra wise, would be high 20s, low 30s, which is what most are getting. On a run, maybe even high 30s, or low 40s (if 50mph for long stretches).


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Jun 17, 2020
I just drove leeds to skegness and got 37 mpg according to computer that was 70 on moterways and the odd over take

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