MyCupra app unusable for Guest user

Mar 31, 2021
I recently got my Cupra Born delivered - great car!

I have installed the MyCupra app and successfully connected it with my user in the car becoming the main user.
I can use the MyCupra app to start charging , view battery status, start ventilation, make schedules for heating etc - all working fine.

But my wife also uses the car, she has installed the MyCupra app in her phone and successfully connected it with the car becoming a named Guest user.
BUT - when she starts the MyCupra app in her phone the app launches and shows a Cupra car but it does not show our car, no battery status - nothing.
There is literally NOTHING that can be viewed or done using the app on her phone.

Do I need to approve her as a user somewhere (in my app and/or in the car) and how is that done?
As far as I see it the car only allows for one main user but what is the purpose of having the app as a Guest user if nothing can be viewed/done using the app?
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