New SEAT Toledo IV leaked!


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Jan 21, 2011
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They'll be all over it in the Republic of Ireland as well, they love small saloons. North of the border is a different story.
True, funny that the car buying public has such different tastes in the Rep of Ireland. When I went in December, it was interesting to see so many Renault Fluences. A car that Renault has only very recently started selling in a niche electric form in the UK.
Think a fair few of the SEATs I saw were Cordobas too.


Some clarity around the Toledo Concept

Hi guys, just catching up with this thread after the hectic period of the Geneva Show and a raft of Dealer Forums last week.

Good to see you're generally keen on the Toledo Concept - in the metal I can assure you it looks crisp and really well proportioned. The production version will be launched later this year, with UK sales starting around the start of 2013. In terms of size, think of it as the same width as an Ibiza, but longer than the Leon (it uses an A0-class 'plus' platform, and not the MQB), and will be positioned in the market to sit approximately between those two models/alongside Leon.

It is not a saloon, despite its 'sedan' profile, but has a huge boot under a hatchback tailgate - much in the spirit of the very first, and hugely successful, Toledo. Don't forget that the smaller saloon shape is massively popular in two of SEAT's biggest markets - Spain and Portugal - so this car should be a big hit there. And here in the UK, we expect the car to really appeal to those stepping up from the Ibiza class, who need more room, but want a keen price, efficient engines and stacks of equipment, but with sportier SEAT design touches.

The next generation Leon is a little way off yet - and I know you are all very excited about it! It will use the super-sophisticated Volkswagen Group MQB platform, which means your admirable photoshop work taking the tail off this concept to create the next Leon is somewhat wide of the mark :)*

For 2012 we continue to enjoy big success with the current, still fantastic-looking Leon. So great-looking in fact, that a few manufacturers seem to have been inspired by it when designing their latest rivals... ;)



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Jun 30, 2004
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Thanks Mike. That puts some perspective into the mix.

I am personally glad to see that the Toledo is to be returned to the style and segment into which it was always associated. I think that the Altea and the Toledo based upon it were both poorly resolved cars in their looks and the quality of some of the interior materials which can only have harmed the reputation and image of Seat. The Toledo name just didn't fit that car as it has always been associated with the Jetta/Bora derivative (and segment) from the VW group but fell hopelessly wide of the mark in its most recent incarnation.

However, with the reported keen pricing and the great looks of the new Toledo, I for one reckon that Seat will benefit as they seek to revive their fortunes - its no secret that they have struggled to find their place in the VW group in recent years with the Skoda success probably stealing sales from Seat. I am truly wishing and hoping that Seat have the success they deserve and that this new Toledo spearheads their recovery, carves their place and secures their seat within the VW empire.

The future is looking good I reckon!


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Jul 28, 2005
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I hope this does not conflict with the rumers in the trade that VAG are giving SEAT till the end of the year to perform otherwise they will sell off thier holding of SEAT ................................... Pity if true co's it is a GOOD Brand !!
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