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Newbie with a v5


Active Member
Nov 1, 2017
Hey folks. Just bought a 2002 toledo v5. Decent enough but needs a few little things doing.
Now what I've noticed today is the rear carpet is damp , I didn't check this before I bought it but hindsight is a wonderful thing eh

Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what did they do to rectify it?? I thought it might be the window not going fully up because to me it sounds like I can hear some road noise from the back (as if the door is not shut properly). On a damp evening like tonight the rear windows are steamed up/moistured over but the fronts are not so does this point to the windows being the issue??

Sorry to go on a bit
Cheers guys


Active Member
May 14, 2011
had 2 v5,s both same issue-known problem,seals inside doors go so take door card off,release panel(only loosen) silicone up-tighten up panel-refit card-get some spare plastic door cards first.hope this helps a bit late i know
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