Nine Months Old and All Going Well


Roll on summer.....
Aug 2, 2019
Surrey, UK
The Ateca turns nine months old this weekend. All good, with the exception of a couple of small points. The drivers door rubber seal along the top has become deformed somehow and I can't seem to make it sit right to match the passenger door, plus there appears to be signs of excessive tyre wear on the outside shoulder of the O/S/F wheel. Nothing serious, but certainly some signs of scrubbing compared to the nearside.

I did point this out the the local dealer last September and at the time said they'd only do a free tracking test if the car was less than 6 months old/ 6000 miles, whichever's sooner. I forgot all about it and now the car's over six months of course, but only with 3000 miles!

Still, I'll get them to sort both issues out on the first service in Late June.
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