Oil warning light and buzzer!! Help


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Apr 11, 2015
Perth, Scotland
Hi guys, I've had a look using the search function but no matches on my exact issue :(
I have a leon Cupra 1.9tdi on first start up after sitting over night the oil pressure warning light flashes and a buzzer sounds 3 times. Now my first though would be either low oil pressure, low oil level or a faulty sensor.. I've checked the oil level and all is good but I don't know where the sensor or sensor(s) is/are.

The engine idles fine however if I turn the engine on and off a couple of times the light and buzzer stay off and likewise if I've been driving the car and it's only been sitting for a couple of hours it doesn't happen again either.

Is this a faulty sensor? Is there a way for me to test this without taking it to a garage?
Any help is welcomed.
Thanks guys.


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Aug 16, 2016
Manual gauge. Take sensor out, put manual gauge in and start engine and check for pressure. I don't know much about the TDI but to me I wouldn't drive it till oil pressure is checked...don't risk it, if the pump goes, so does the engine.

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Apr 15, 2010
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Oil pressure at start should be higher than normal running as it will be thicker until it heats up.

It is possible to check the sensor but you will need a multimeter and a pressure source outside of the engine, air line would do. When pressure is applied the resistance should change.

If you have no error codes and no manual gauge you will need a garages' help.

It could be just a faulty sensor but I would not risk running an engine with a potential oil problem.


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Mar 17, 2006
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ARL engine I assume, the TDI 150.
Flashing red or flashing amber?

Your car has two sensors in the lubrication system, an 0.9 bar pressure sensor in the oil filter block and a level/temperature sensor in the bottom of the sump. This latter sensor has a connector which can get dislodged fairly easily if you don't have an undertray on.

Flashing red with buzzer indicates low pressure. Oil pump worn, pickup mesh blocked or oil filter blocked. When did you last change the oil filter, and did the problems start right after the change? If the sensor is flashing red, do not drive, and in fact don't run the engine any more before you fix the problem.

Flashing yellow and buzzer, on the other hand, means the level/temperature sensor in the bottom of the sump has failed. Much less of a problem. First off, check to see that the connector hasn't been dislodged.


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Apr 11, 2015
Perth, Scotland
I'm not sure on the engine code, got the car about 2 weeks ago and don't know much about the 1.9tdi. I've not done an oil change on it yet as I was on holiday for a week and now the snow has arrived.. I previously had a 1.8t AUQ. Is it likely to be the sensor considering it is an intermittant issue?
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