Passenger seat sensor


Noticed that this has not been working for the past few weeks and have taken it today for a service - mentioned this to the them and they've run diagnostics on it and haven't been able to pinpoint the problem and they've said they need more time...dont have the greatest confidence in them due to other issues. So was wondering if this is a common fault and if anyone knows what it might be so I can suggest to them solutions etc.


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Aug 28, 2007
Milton Keynes
Basically, they plugged it into a PC to look for a fault code :) Dealers eh?

It's probably a loose cable or the sensors a dud and just needs to be replaced. Poke your head under the seat and take a look if any of the cables in the loom that come's up from the floor are detached. If not, go back to the dud sensor idea...


Jul 23, 2006
Had the same thing with mine the other week. Seemed to clear up after I'd actually made a journey with a passenger in the seat.

Diagnostics eh? hah. What's next? Diagnosics to find the source of a rattle?
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