Photobucket - a possible fix for Chrome and Firefox users

Homer Simpson

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May 12, 2014
Stole this from another forum so credit to the author

If you use Chrome or Firefox browsers there are extensions you can add which in turn allow previously blocked pictures to be viewed.

Simply add and enable the appropriate extension

Firefox extension

Chrome extension

I have tried it and it seems to work for me on Chrome.

For example, I can now view the pics on the Mk1 Leon Cruise Control thread

EDIT: mty12345 may have already posted this up for me
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Dan FR

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Nov 14, 2013
Does work, for how long - who knows. Most forums I'm on have taken corrective action by running scripts to scrape the images from photobucket, host them elsewhere and update the img links in posts... Guessing no such action will be taken on this site
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