Picked up arosa and need help


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Mar 26, 2008
Hi guys picked up a mk1 arosa earlier today in excellent nick and low miles, with only 68k on her. Driving it for the first proper time (gave her a test run before buying and all seemed fine) and the following faults, problems are...

1. when I put my foot to the floor in 3/4/5 gear there sounds like a vibration from the engine????

2. when I turn the key once (before the second click to start car) there is like a very low, dull pitch of a sound coming from the engine which is on for about 15 seconds then goes away???

3. now (more recent) I am finding when I start the car, after couple of minutes there is a severe vibration coming from the engine, as if something is caught i.e. like a wire,,???

Can someone please help??? :confused:


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Feb 23, 2007
not sure about 1 but 2. is normal, its the stepper motor that operates the butterfly valve in the throttle body. 3. only thing that springs to mind is the cooling fan, makes heck of a noise on mine.
well, used to be mine, have given it to me daughter now!!
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