Poor braking


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Jan 9, 2024
Hi guys,

I’ve been lurking around the forum since I’ve brought my Bocanegra and had a general question about the brakes. Anyone with the 6j could you let me know if it’s normal for the brakes to be a bit slow to respond? My brakes on my bocanegra seem to be awful for no reason basically I’ve got to push the brakes down quite far in to stop. During a major service I had the brake fluid topped up but not sure if the system was bled out. The brake pads have quite a bit of meat on them still so not sure as to why my braking is awful. Any ideas?
Feb 1, 2024
Since you've recently had a major service with brake fluid top-up, it's worth checking if the brake system was properly bled. Air in the brake lines can cause a spongy or unresponsive feel.

If the brake pads have enough meat on them, it might not be a pad issue, but it could be worth checking the brake calipers and discs for any signs of wear or irregularities.


Nov 29, 2021
Most likely air in the braking system, it's cheap to get them bled so best to try that first. And to answer your first question, it's not normal what you're experiencing, but new cars have super grabby brakes so the brakes on your car will probably never feel as 'sharp'.
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