Possible 1st Time SEAT owner from UK

Sep 2, 2020
Hi guys decided to join the forum after finding it on Google,

Hope to gain some insights and advice about SEAT's in general,

Going to look at a 2015 Leon FR 2.0TDI 184 DSG this weekend after my previous car a Ford Focus has given up on life after 10 years of ownership and 200k miles on the clock

Hopefully after the weekend i'll be a proper full time SEAT owner and be more active on here

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Jul 1, 2020
Salisbury, Wiltshire
Welcome :)

I joined in June after buying a 2016 FR ST 184 (manual) after my Ford Mondeo ST TDCi died in a big black cloud of smoke :(

No regrets on my purchase so far - although lockdown and working from home has seen me only do around 1200 miles in it so far, when normally I''d probably have done double that or more!

I really wanted a Focus ST Diesel estate, or an Octavia VRS - but the Leon was the right price, right time kinda thing and after looking at it and taking it for a drive I really couldn't justify the extra £2000ish it would have cost me to buy an equivalent age/mileage/condition Focus or Octavia :)
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