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Post Pic's of Your Mk3 Leon In Here


Copper Cupra Advocate
Apr 10, 2019
I need to get the wrapping done on mine, the front looks so good with the copper inserts.

So far I've only wrapped the CUPRA lettering on the back to copper, as a black car and black lettering doesn't make sense....silly Seat

You thinking of doing the mirrors too?
I've bought some OEM mirror caps in copper. They should have arrived today but appear to have gone missing in the post.

Puddle Surfer

Active Member
May 27, 2020
Love the roof rails! How much do you charge lol
Lol, after watching the guy do it I don't think any amount would be enough. Looked an absolute nightmare and think he seriously regretted taking on the job very soon after starting. Quick payment then away as quick as my wagon could take me 😂:runaway:
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Active Member
Sep 9, 2010
Always thought she would look good with a black roof so finally took the plunge, along with a professional touch up polish and wax.
Hopefully it doesn't look too much like I have a fake panoramic roof.
(Struggled to get some decent picture due to the reflections)


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