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It's that time again for a new radio station and getting the logo to match.

Circa 2018 Mib2 units came with the radio logos pre-installed now they are transmitted over the air on some stations others they are not or incorrect ones. The BBC stations have the corrected logos, commercial stations in the UK can be me problematic. The process of getting the over the air ones is to select the station and put it into favourites by long press, fingers off and another long press to get the icon if available. That is then stored.

What to do if you don't have an icon or the incorrect one... use the website. They store the icons to be used on a separate page per station.


In this example we are looking for Times Radio which currently doesn't show correctly on DAB, appears as Talk Radio.

Take the link:

We look on here for "other information", there is a VW link to this:

Follow the instructions:

How to install this logo on your system:

  • Right-click the logo above and choose "save image as"
  • Copy the file you downloaded to an SD card.
  • Then, connect the storage medium to your infotainment system.
  • Now you can import the desired logos into your device.
  • To do this, tap the Setup button and then tap Sender logos.
  • Now tap the desired station button to which a logo is to be assigned.
  • Select the source on which you saved the image (e.g., SD1) and select the logo.
  • Repeat this process for other logos, and return to the main radio menu by pressing the radio button.
  • The SD card can then be removed.
A USB can be used rather than an SD.

The Seat import is slightly different. Get the station up on the favourites then press settings and go to Logo down the bottom, do not press delete all (tab), that will delete all logos. Dependent on whether it's picked up a logo or not, if no logo you installed, install the logo from the menu, if there is a logo but not the right one (current issue with Times Radio), just delete the logo and import the new one. (where you don't delete all logos using the top tab... some people do and then make work for themselves).

The website seems quite good to find the logos for new radio stations that do not trsnsmit over the air logos, which in the UK tend to be the commercial sites where logos are not transmitted or incorrectly transmitted. All the rest you pick up off air with the button press technique. There are other logo websites that go beyond the VW one but this one seems well managed.

Example was Times Radio... fill in the search box for other stations with missing logos.

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