Rear brakes creak when reversing


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Apr 11, 2022
So my rear brakes creak when reversing, they have done this from new, i took to the dealer and he just said "yea its just the rear brakes", its also just had the battery recall as its a e-hybrid i mentioned to them and they said they tested and everything is ok....
But as soon as i reversed from my drive and turned and applied the brake the old creak never fails to show its face, when i'm in a carpark its a nice head turner for a new car to be creaking... Why is it not considered something that needs to be addressed, and what even is it?


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Mar 21, 2023
My older shape Leon maybe had the same, it was more of a squeal/scrape sound. Was annoying when braking during a three point turn outside the school in the morning, mine turned heads too. Mentioned it to the dealer and they replaced the rear pads and the problem disappeared. Maybe it was the pads or the way they were fitted but it went when they were changed.
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