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Remapping in the South West


Active Member
Nov 24, 2014
I'm thinking about getting my car remapped as I hear great power increases with the pd150. Between 180bhp and 390nm, to 206bhp and 44nm!
Ideally I want to go to a reputable place who deal with Seat/VAG, but the majority of places seem to be miles away from me (I'm in the South West).
Does anyone know a good place near me?

I did a bit of searching and found "South West in Car Tech" in Bristol but thats about it!
PSI tuning is in Stoke on Trent
R Tech is in Leicester
Jabba Sport is near Peterbrough!
Any help would be good, otherwise it looks like I need to travel.



Active Member
Nov 24, 2014
Badger5? Haven't heard of them! I'll have a look in to them. Stonehouse is 50mins away, AMD is 2 and half hours away!!
What kind of remaps have you guys got?


Old enough to know better
Mar 15, 2013
Badger5 is a site sponsor on SCN too
I have a map from them on my Cupra and will be getting my lcr done as and when as it has an unknown map on it at the moment.
Very highly recommended, just do a search on here


Active Member
Feb 4, 2014
2.5hours maybe but they give good gains and tailour the mods to your car live on the dyno and there's a massive shopping centre over the road whilst you wait so day out
I've got good gains but safe gains and can still hit 45mpg when I do my run to Belgium !

Stats here ive got
Oversize tip
Miltek turbo back 200cell sports cat
249 bypass
Pipercross filter in standard box

After FMIC next


Active Member
Sep 17, 2011
They had an offer on which basically saved the vat, so i got a rolling road before and after for the price of the remap. Cant remember exact figures with out digging out the print out. (Since getting a house and kids the car is just a vehicle and not my pride and joy........i cringe every time the kids get footprints on the seat haha)

Theyre brilliant (TSR), they are a, i believe family company, that modify and tune anything vag, ive seen them at quite a few vag shows years ago with super or turbo charge r32 etc. id only ever go for a named and reputable remap done by a company not just a download and fek off. They did a few runs on the dyno with a laptop and checked eveything, and even told me i had a little boost leak which i managed to get sorted.

Before remap it was powerful, i used to have an rx8 but absolutely love the diesel low end turbo grunt, but found 3k onwards flat. After the remap it had a seccond wind after 3k. I also got better mpg.

My brother is mr fussy when it comes to cars and garages etc, he spent ages researching and took his s3 there.

Im sure theres other companys, like badger 5 if you fancy traveling up north a bit, im local to exeter and enquired at volkscraft, but after talking to friends decided with tsr.


Active Member
Nov 24, 2014
Oh okay, cheers they do sound pretty good then!
Yeah Ive just had a look at their site. Downloaded the mapping specs for the cars they do, the PD150 goes from 150bhp and 320nm of torque to 190bhp and 393nm which sounds good! Yeah I noticed the 25% off! Sounds like a great deal. It'll be something I will do next month after pay day but want to start my reseach and book before.


Fleet Air Arm by ability.
Mar 2, 2012
Bill mapped my pd150, managed 190bhp with a fooked turbo, he said he did it just by fuel it (I think). My fault for taking him bad hardware but he still did a really good job
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