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Repair Bill??


99 Ron Please!!!!
Oct 31, 2006
Dumbarton, Scotland
I put my car into my local VAG specialist today as I had a nasty noice coming from the front end. Got a phone call to say I needed quite a bit of work done. I was told I needed the following:

Front wheel bearing
Front wishbone bushes
CV boot
Front ARB

Have been quoted £200 for parts and £280 labour as he told me its an 8 hour job. I trust the guy as I have been dealing with him for >10 years.

Any idea if this is accurate would be appreciated, cheers


weight is the enemy
The noise could be any one of those items he has suggested replacing, so it may be that he's not sure which one it is and therefore covering himself. It's pretty difficult to tell if the wheel bearing needs doing unless its completely shagged.
However, it doesn't sound like a bad price though.
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