1. Torque specs for mk2 facelift?

    Does anyone know where I can find torque specs for my Ibiza mk2 facelift? Specifically, I need specs on the cv bolt and the steering rod bolt. Haynes manuals do not cover the facelift mk2 and I haven't been able to find any other source
  2. ChocoMilkShark

    Diamond cut repair help!

    Hi all, i need to repair my alloy wheel and it will need to be diamond cut. Does anyone around the Essex area have recommendations as it’s quite expensive. Thanks
  3. ryzzey

    My Leon has been keyed, advice please!

    I posted this the other day but my car has been keyed by some absolute b*****d. There are two scratches, one on the front passenger side door all the way along, and one on the rear passesnger side door just over the crease in the door. The scratches go right down to primer/metalwork and will...
  4. Cracked and scuffed wing mirror cover replaced.

    Hey all I had a slight run in with a large dumpster when I got squeezed over by a SUV in a tight street and unfortunately it cracked and scuffed the wing mirror cover. Thankfully no damage to the mirror itself or the mount, just the plastic shield, but still disheartening to see when I've not...
  5. xChokis

    R8 Coils Need Remap?

    Hello guys, i bought a 2011 ibiza cupra and the initial checkup brought up that it was due to change the coils so instead of getting the OEM ones i bought an NGK R8 Coils pack and i replaced them i also replaced the wiring as instructed but i noticed that lately when i cold start my car ( not...
  6. GregLCR04

    Repair Bill??

    I put my car into my local VAG specialist today as I had a nasty noice coming from the front end. Got a phone call to say I needed quite a bit of work done. I was told I needed the following: Front wheel bearing Front wishbone bushes CV boot Front ARB Have been quoted £200 for parts...
  7. ross27

    Puncture Repair? Vulcanising?

    Driving home today and my tyre pressure warning light appears. Turns out i have a screw in my front tyre! [:@] (Atleast it done its job!!) Its close to the edge, about 10mm in, on a 225 tyre. So i doubt most places would repair it. Although i have heard of vulcanising being mentioned, but...
  8. myneek

    Japlac Caliper repair - before and after images

    BEFORE AFTER TBH the red in the after is not that bright! but is defo a different shade. Tried to do the seat sport in white but it looked rubbish so i left it as red. Comments? Did I make a mistake?
  9. daboy3000

    Excellent Leather repair kit.

    Bought some leathers for my car the other day and although they were not in bad condition they did have a few scuffs and were cracked in some places. Had a look on the net at companies that come round and restore your leather but the costs were hugh. So i decided i would try and do it myself...

    master cylinder repair kit

    as above does anyone do one for the ibiza????
  11. Door lock repair kit

    Following a thread I posted a few minutes ago being deleted within seconds, I'll reword it, and let you do the research yourselves. For any of you that have a drivers door lock barrel sticking or seized, there is a repair kit available on a well known auction site at very reasonable cost...
  12. Empi5

    Carbon Fibre Bonnet - Scratch repair

    We have got about a 3 inch deep scratch on the bonnet, is there a simple repair/Cover up, or are we stuck with it, ?
  13. Window Mechanism Repair kit or new Window Regulator Clip?

    hey guys, It will be for the rear passenger window. Does anyone know if I can just buy the clip (the new metal ones) and if so where from? this is the one that attaches to the glass pane. Just seems that I have to buy the whole mechanism from SEAT for £30+ read this guide...
  14. Ting

    Repair Bill :(

    Hey guys. I had a little accident last night, but to cut a long story short the steering rack has snapped at the wheels, so the wheels move on their own with no way of me controlling which way they face. Had a hell of a job getting the RAC guy to get it back to my house. I was just...
  15. dippy4000

    bent subframe repair?

    Does any one know the affects of a bent subframe. I have been advised that I may have this problem, i have had new strut, new knuckle, hub bearings etc, laserlined tracking but its still pulling to the left and massive tyre wear on the right hand tyre. also any ideas on who can fix this, im in...
  16. Haynes Repair Service Manual-Seat Ibiza

    Pls i want this book it's urgent thanks
  17. RichN

    DIY Air Con repair

    Hi guys, Can anybody offer any pointers to help me refurbish and repair my air conditioning? It has a leak and hasn't worked for 2 years, so could be full of all kinds of crap. It takes around 12 hours to leak out all the coolant (not sure where) after a full fill. 1) I plan to replace...
  18. Tech Info/Service & Repair manuals

    OK now I'm really struggling. I have been trying to get hold of any service repair info for my car since I bought it a few weeks ago. I have bought the 'complete' Seat elsawin from eblag supposedly covering all models and all years. I have subscribed to the online 'erwin' service from Seat...
  19. philc

    Beyond repair??

    Hi guys, Had a rather aggressive meeting with a kerb a couple of days ago, and thought I'd got away with just some nasty kerbing marks... But on the drive home from work, I've noticed aggressive wheel wobble around 70mph... I changed the suspect wheel for a spare this morning, and took it...
  20. Climate Control/Air Conditioning repair centres (Surrey)

    My LCR's air con has given up the ghost. Have been looking through the posts here, and have found that it could quite possibly be a compressor problem. I have had it checked for leaks and regassed to no avail. I am therefore looking for a compentant air con engineer in the Surrey area (Caterham...
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