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Excellent Leather repair kit.


No Longer a Seat owner
Jul 2, 2008
Bought some leathers for my car the other day and although they were not in bad condition they did have a few scuffs and were cracked in some places. Had a look on the net at companies that come round and restore your leather but the costs were hugh. So i decided i would try and do it myself and found this company called Buffalo, thought i would order a repair kit and see what it was like.

The stuff works pretty damn well, although you do need to take your time mixing the pigments to match your leather, they do a colour matching service for an extra £10 which i would recommend and wish i had done to save time.




Going to be updating my Readers Ride Page as soon as the sun comes out long enough for me to clean it and take a nice photo, but for now here's a little peak at how its looking.

Sep 29, 2008
Hmm, I was wondering if it would work for all those people with worn out steering wheels :think:

But they already do a steering wheel restoration kit.

The after pics do look spot on :)
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