1. Is this SEAT taken

    Easy guys, I'm new to this forum and new to the world of SEAT. I'm picking up my new whip on Monday. https://www.xways.co.uk/used-seat-leon-halstead-essex-2542167#tabs-here Just want to ask if anyone knows where I could find an arm rest to match the leather interior. Cheers
  2. New Leather Interior for Mk5 Cupra!

    Hi everyone! Got some leather seats in the Cupra so I thought I'd share some pictures! I think they look great!! :funk:
  3. Leather Seats

    Hello all, I am looking for a full leather seat interior for a 3 door ibiza. anybody have any ideas if any skoda, audi or volkswagen ones would be a straight swap and fit in hassle free. or any aftermarket ones? cheers bradders
  4. Zappa

    Can I put leather interior in my car?

    Hi, I would like to put leather interiors into the car, I have a silver Ibiza..2004 I phoned around a few breakers yards (I want to do it on the cheap if possible).. Has anyone on here done this before? Looking for some advice on the best way to go about it, or what other seats...
  5. BMW e46 Beige Leather Interior Detail

    BMW e46 328 Interior – Topez Blue with beige leather. An interior detail only.. Product • 303 Aerospace Protectant • AutoSmart G101 • AutoSmart Bio-Brisk • Jeffs Werkstat Prime • LTT Auto Ultra Foam • LTT Step 1 Jean & Dye Transfer Remover • LTT Auto Ultra Protect • Water Car...
  6. daboy3000

    Excellent Leather repair kit.

    Bought some leathers for my car the other day and although they were not in bad condition they did have a few scuffs and were cracked in some places. Had a look on the net at companies that come round and restore your leather but the costs were hugh. So i decided i would try and do it myself...
  7. New to Cordoba. Half Leather interior with#1 logo - what's that about?

    I'm new to the Cordoba. Mines a 1999 2.0 SX model. The interior in the car is a mint black half leather and I've just noticed a #1 logo stitched into the cloth centre section of the seats - and I've just noticed the #1 logo in the browser bar above. Is this #1 a SEAT theme??? What's that...
  8. leather interior

    how much would a leather interior for my leon cupra be roughly too buy second hand,in good nic??
  9. Cupra Leather

    Hi all, Went to take a look at a Cupra today after looking at them online and was really impressed! Does anyone know if the leather is also heated? (The car I sat in was a Bocanegra so no leather) From experience with VW's normally when you order leather it is heated but I know on other...
  10. leon fr leather interior question what will fit

    hi all was woundering what seats will go into my leon mk2 eg audi a3 vw golf skoda any help thank you :think:
  11. Cupra leather seats

    Picked up the car this morning and the leather Seats look amazing in reality. I need a couple more posts before i can post pics but will try get them up tomorrow
  12. heatfan8

    Urgent!! Leather interior trim code needed!!

    I need to find out the trim code for a leather interior to order a leather armrest lid, but since my leather interior isn't original, my trim code is incorrect!! Does anyone know it, or if you have a leather interior from STANDARD, what is your code?? Thanks Andy
  13. heatfan8

    Where to get a leather armrest?

    I have just got a lovely full black leather, full electric interior for my leon. I fitted a mk4 golf cloth armrest with the old interior, but now want a leather one to match. Any ideas on where to get one? I dont really fancy spending loads of wonga on a new one though! Cheers, Andy
  14. rsmith

    Cupra leather interior in an LCR

    Hi All, I have the opportunity to acquire some electric leather seats from a 00 180bhp Cupra.The seats are in mint condition, My questions are: Will these fit into my Cupra R? Will i need to wire extra electric? What are they worth? Will they look crappy, I like the “R” emblem on my...
  15. Pictures of leather cupra seats

    Hi guys. Can you please post pictures of leather cupra seats? I want to see some ideas for my cupra. :) Cheers, José
  16. what leather fits in my ibiza fr?

    hello as the title says im looking to buy some leather for my car and not shore what cars it comes out of to fit straght in if any one can help it would be great thanks joe
  17. Put leather seats in now have airbar warning light

    Having installed a set of second hand leather electric seats today with side airbags, the airbag warning light is on, obviously with the old seats the light was not on. I know when moving the car around having just taken the passenger seat out the light was on then, I guess because there was...
  18. Leather steering wheel

    Hi Guys just bought a new car (well new to me) it's a 2007 Altea XL 1.6 One thing I'm not to fussed on is the steering wheel, feels a bit cheap and nasty in the plastic finish How easy is it to change this to a leather type, while I'm at it i would like to add the CD/Radio controls to the...
  19. lcr leather seats

    Hi all dose anyone know if the front and rear seats from an audi tt will fit an 04 lcr and is it right that mk4 golf and audi a3 s3 seats will fit as well i have been offerd some tt leather seats but not sure about fitting them. :confused:
  20. Leon Mk2 FR Leather Seats

    Hello, Was flicking through the SEAT Accessories brochure recently, and came across the Leon FR Full Leather Seats. You can also get matching colour co-ordinated leather doorcards too! They are "official" SEAT upgrades. Come with 3yr warranty on workmanship. If you were to sell your Mk2...