1. Proff_CUPRA 180

    Leather Gear gaitor.

    Hi guys, just a quick question, my leather gear gaitor has come undone and is exposing the gearstick (look untidy). Im assuming that the collar under the gear knob has a thread on it so you can undo this and feed the leather inside and clamp it back up? Just looking to see if im right before...
  2. Skint

    URGENT getting chewing gum off leather

    One of my friends has managed to sit chewing gum all over on of my leather seat, and i'm supposed to be picking up a couple of ladies from gatwick tomorrow. Can anyone suggest anything to get it out? should i try and freeze it first? I have posted this in the cleaning and detailing section...
  3. chrisbond69

    Steering wheel leather replacement

    Has anyone on here had there steering wheel covered in leather, and has anyone got a spare wheel they would like to sell to me so i can get one covered and not go without a wheel, on that note i couldnt find a guide on what to do to remove the wheel, please,
  4. leather

    hi peeps im wondering where i can get a decent leather which does not leave streeks everywhere,, can anyone help me and pint me in the right direction at all. many thanks
  5. electric leather interior... rare?

    ...how rare? from my 2 week ownership of a leon cupra, i dont seem to notice many with leather interior and electric front seats... like what ive got :funk: discuss.
  6. whats it worth - leather interior??

    i've been offered a leather interior for my leon, thing is £500 :blink: seems a bit steep to me ok its complete and although i've not seen it its meant to be very good condition. what do you think its worth?
  7. abhardwaj1990

    Seat Ibiza Leather Seats

    hi, im looking to replace my front seats of my mark 2, 5 door ibiza, will leather seats from a mark 3, 3 door ibiza fit? are the seats easy to take out and replace? cheers Arun
  8. ibiza cupra mk4 leather seats

    Hey Guys Just want to know if anybody has pictures of leather seats in the ibiza cupra mk4:lol:, coz i need some ideas Thanks Cheers
  9. stevegti6

    new leather recaros fitted

    really getting there with the leon now got hold of some nice leather recaros off my good mate mr barnes
  10. Leather seats for my leon

    I am after a set of leather seats for my leon mk1, but my seats at the moment are not electric ones so was wondering are there any leather manually adjustable seats out there to go into my leon, and if not would it be a big job to wire them in? cheers
  11. cupra drew

    full leather pics

    [/IMG] got a few pics ov my full leather interior that some ov u wanted 2 c any ideas if there retrimmed or tt seats or an import[/IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG]
  12. cupra drew

    full leather

    has any one on here got full leather interior coz ive seen a few but none seem to have it so wondering y mine has
  13. demonear

    winter pack & heated leather FR seats question

    I just received this message from a dealer who was giving me a quote regarding if I was to choose leather seats or not amongst other things. He says:- "My only other concern is that the FR leather option does not appear to support the heated seat option. We do have another leather seat...
  14. Leather Handbrake cover

    Hi there I've been trawling through some old threads but can't get a definitive answer. I would like to get a nice leather cover for my 2002 Leon Cupra to replace the crappy black plastic thing & I've seen a nice Golf Mk4 Anniversary GTi leather cover for sale. Would this fit ? :confused...
  15. Will a skoda octavia vrs leather interior fit?

    hi guys. just seen a skoda octavia vrs leather interior for sale. was wondering if anyone knows if it will fit as looking to change mine????
  16. r32 leather interior pics help!

    ive searched and searched but i cant find the thread with the pics in of the LC(R) with r32 leather. i think it was a non uk car. please help me find them!
  17. Pabs

    Leather seats - small paint marks - how do I remove them?

    Hey all, For some unknown source, I've discovered some very slight marks on my drivers seat, which look like paint. I have absolutely no idea how to remove them - there is even a small mark on my leather steering wheel. I have tried the Gliptone leather cleaner/conditioner just for...
  18. FR Questions (Sat Nav / Winter Pack / Leather / Bi-xenon)

    Bi-xenon Headlights. Are all of the lights xenons ie side, main and full beam? I have read some threads saying there is a lens that covers the light when it’s not on full but I was unsure if it was on about side to main beam or main beam to full beam. The Bi-xenon Headlights come with a...
  19. leather FR seats..

    have been looking to replace my fr seats with the leon leather FR all singing all dancing ones there reaaly nice and come in a range of colours bit pricey at £1350 but georgous anyone know if they'd fit in my mk4 beezer?? have been searching for info but no luck so far also 10k service...
  20. nick-barnes07

    quick question about leather interior

    i just won a full leather interior of e bay , its electric and heated , will the electric and heated seats work in my cupra r or will it have to be wired in to work , as i have had some cars and the plugs are some times in there...
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