Leon Mk2 FR Leather Seats



Was flicking through the SEAT Accessories brochure recently, and came across the Leon FR Full Leather Seats. You can also get matching colour co-ordinated leather doorcards too!

They are "official" SEAT upgrades. Come with 3yr warranty on workmanship.

If you were to sell your Mk2 Leon FR further down the line, would the sale price of the car go UP as you have a full set of £1000+ FR Leather seats installed in the front/back - or are you likely to lose out financially, as you would with most "aftermarket" modifications?

Suppose if anything, your car might be more sought after with the Leather Seats, compared to a similar FR that has 'standard' cloth trim.

Love these Leather seats in Red! :

Feedback appreciated. :)
Jul 10, 2007
It might make the car generally more desirable but as with most optional extras add zero onto the used value.

Also it might put some potential buyers off as some people won't touch a car with leather seats.

They also don't wear as well as cloth seats, I've seen some aweful pictures of older Golfs with leather seats that look well worn.


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Apr 23, 2005
May be obvious to some but it's also important to note that the price is an exchange as your current seats are just re skinned, no chance of going back without paying again.

I do like them but the price is just too high, I imagine you could achieve something as good for less away from Seat.
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