1. Memory Seats

    Hi I have a SE Lux 2017 Alhambra. I have memory seats and have installed a position in number 1. However, every time I unlock the car the seat moves backwards. I then have to press 1 for it to go back to where I want it. Is there anyway of setting to to just stay in 1. I’ve read the...
  2. Lozzy15

    Coding and programming How to Remove Front Seat Upholstery & Fit Heated Pads

    Hi guys & gals Today I will show you how to dismantle and remove the upholstery/covers from the front seats should you need to replace a damage part. I will also show you how to fit heated pads if you are wanting to retrofit heated seating. The heated seating retrofit guide is located here...
  3. Lozzy15

    Coding and programming Retrofit Heated Seats - A Complete How-To

    Hi guys & gals, Got a big retrofit for you all today. I've recently fitted front heated seats to my car and I must say they are brilliant! I'm very happy with the results, so I've created this guide to explain exactly how to fit this yourself. The overall difficulty isn't huge, there are...
  4. The_new_CUPRA_Ateca--33700.jpg


    2020 CUPRA Ateca CUPRA bucket seats
  5. Mk3 Golf Rear seats

    Hi, I recently bought a set of mk3 gold seats for my ibiza and the front seats went straight in with no problems, however the rear seat is far too narrow to fit in my car (unexpected as I thought golf's were wider). I've seen some stuff online saying you can put the rear seat in with...
  6. interior upgrade, door cards n seats

    Hi folks, I have a 2002 Leon cupra 1.8 20vt (AUQ), and the driver seat has now broken for the third time... Mot is due middle March. As the bolster is badly worn too, I thought I'd get a new seat.. Failing to find one the same, whilst perusing eBay. I came across a full leather interior set...
  7. Formula Sport diamond stitched quilted seats

    I've got a 08 Ibiza mk4 sport 1.4 100hp. I've got the standard sport seats but i really like the seats on the Formula Sport. Black diamond stitch quilted seats with red stitching. I would post a link but I think its blocked because I'm new or I've not got enough posts. I found this thread that...
  8. Leon Tourer - Seat Comfort

    Hello All, I've just bought a Seat Leon Tourer (1.6 - 2015) having got rid of my trusty but tatty Audi A3. Love the car but one huge problem - the drivers seat really hurts my back, not just uncomfortable, but on the verge of putting it out. Has anyone else suffered this, and tried any remedies...
  9. Trying to find seat mounting frames for ibiza mk5

    Hi, I am trying to upgrade my current seats to a set of OMP reclining seats. However, it seems impossible to find any! Can anyone point me to any? Thanks Isaac
  10. New seats for the IBIZA MK5 6j

    Hi, I'm in the market for new seats for my IBIZA. I have a 3 door and still want to use the back seats are there any good reclining bucket seats that you can recommend without being too expensive. Thanks in advance, Isaac
  11. Teaaaph

    Best way to clean interior upholstery

    I've just inherited an old Skoda and I'm planning to use it as my daily driver. It's rough around the edges but needs a bit of TLC when it comes to the interior. I've given it a hoover and cleaned some of the plastics but the interior has a really bad mold smell which I'm convinced this is...
  12. metroarmadillo

    S3 seats

    Ive searched for a while and i cant really find the answer im looking for, Basically ive got a set of S3 seats and i dont know what to do with the airbag connections, the plug from the car has 3 wires going into it that are 1 brown 1 blue 1 white but the plugs on the s3 seats only has 2 wires...
  13. Leather Seats

    Hello all, I am looking for a full leather seat interior for a 3 door ibiza. anybody have any ideas if any skoda, audi or volkswagen ones would be a straight swap and fit in hassle free. or any aftermarket ones? cheers bradders
  14. Misterious springs in front seats

    Hi people. have had 2 fairly large (6 inch) springs pop (bang) out from under the passanger and driver seats. the springs are located below the lever that controls the seat hight although i dont think the 2 are linked. All seat functions are still working so i cant understand what these...
  15. Chocozai

    MkV Cupra bolstered seats - I have them!!

    Well guys, I've finally pulled it off. Ibizaracebrake off the forums has been kind enough to sell me his set of new Cupra seats, having replaced them with a set of lightweight buckets for his absolutely gorgeous track machine. Now that they're in my possession, I have but a week to fit them to...
  16. CatB1

    Heated front seats

    As above, did any Mk4 Tdi's come with heated front seats as an option. Thanks Pete
  17. Chocozai

    MkV seats into MkIV

    You heard me, guys. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Any, literally any help would be appreciated. How to remove MkIV seats, disactivate airbags, install new seats, any other little things. Your help will be much appreciated!! :) Thank you! (Yes, I tried a few forum searches, but none...
  18. difference between s and se seats

    hi currently got a 1.2s with standard seats and have found the seats to be uncomfortable for long journeys. does anyone know if theres a big improvement in the se or sports seats as thinking about getting an se or sport model? thanks
  19. Heavy seats.

    wasted 10 minutes of my life weighing the front, rear seats and seatbelts today - 83.5 kg new seats, mountings, harness etc about 28kg, so my car is 55.5 kg lighter - result.:)
  20. Mk2 Rollcage & Replacement Seats

    Has anyone fitted a rollcage to a Mk2 Ibiza? Got any advice. Also need two replacement front seats. What 2nd hand seats can I look at - Golf / Polo / Mk 3 Ibiza? Or has anyone fitted motorsport seats? Again got any advice.