Misterious springs in front seats


Hi people. have had 2 fairly large (6 inch) springs pop (bang) out from under the passanger and driver seats. the springs are located below the lever that controls the seat hight although i dont think the 2 are linked. All seat functions are still working so i cant understand what these misterious springs do?? Any light shed would be great. cheers.:shrug:


Hey man,

I had one come off my drivers seat,
Was a bit confused when all the seat adjustment functions still works...

I think its just for comfort of the seat when your going over bumps etc,
Fitted mine back on yesturday, it's now a lot better.

Easy job to put them back in, but i did have my passenger seat in place as a reference!

The spring needs to face from front to back (not side to side), with the end with the plastic cover on towards the boot end. The hooks on the ends - the one nearer the plastic cover needs to face up, there's a little slot under the seat, near to the 'up and down' handle, takes a while to get it in correctly, then attatch the other end with the hook facing inwards towards the handbrake etc..

Just have a feel under the seat for a few mins and you'll see what i mean!




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Aug 13, 2007
Grab a mirror and a torch and have a good poke around using the one thats fine as a reference. If it all works i wouldnt worry too much and just keep it handy if it ever becomes a problem as it might just be for seat cover tension or pad damping so one by itself doesnt make a difference overal.


thanks for the info guys. I'll have a look at refitting them tommorow. if my patience runs out they will be re-homed in the glove box. lol.
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