1. ibiza_95

    Possible MK2 Half leather interior for sale, What you reckon i can get?

    Ok its the red and black tiger striped half leather interior, in pretty mint condition, very clean, no obvious holes, non-smoker and doesnt smell crappy, leather is all nice and clean and tidy, would include all seats front and back and door trims. Would need to be in exchange for a standard...
  2. C11PRA DC

    Leather wheel re-trim!

    Hi all, Was thinking about having the steering wheel re-trimmed in a new leather (softer/less grain!) - has anyone done this? I've seen the Isotta covers but would like to replace the old leather but keep the standard thickness and style of stitching! Anyone know of a company that does this...
  3. Leather problems!! (HELP)

    I have got a 2001 cupra with the electric black leather seat in ans the car has covered 56,000 miles. The problem i have got is that the leather is not wearing very well at all on the bolsters on the back rest of the seat the best way of putting it is that the top surface of the leather is...
  4. Leather

    Right, I've got leather from a golf vr6, the front seat, not a problem fitting. But having slight problem with the back. Has anyone fitted these before? Any info would be cool! Basically, the back bench with the headreast on, doesnt fit properly. Ive taken the middle mounting that...
  5. What are the better seats, Cupra R cloth or Cupra full leather??

    Just after peoples views on the above, i'm thinking of a change of seats.
  6. Leather interior and cupra r wheels

    Can these be bought from seat if not is there any other alternatives? Thanks Nick
  7. Leather Seats

    I am on a serius dilemma on installing or not leather seats.I would really appreciate posting some pics of interiors of FR's with leather seats.What is your opinion?Do they worth their money?What about the leather's quality?
  8. Anyone had leather fitted to a new leon?

    Anyone had leather fitted to a new leon? Piccys please....although really not sure as its worth it at £835, as Ill be looking to sell in 3 years...
  9. leegt5

    Leather repair

    Does anyone know if you can repair a slight scrape on the leather ? As I was putting my keyboard between my 2 rear headrests and it has scuffed one of them !! I rung Seat and they want £180 for a replacement !!
  10. Leather retrim - what would you get?

    I've always wanted leather in my car - and have decided that as my Ibiza seats are a bit ordinary for a Cupra, I'm going to get them retrimmed in leather. If you were going to get a retrim, what would you go for? At the moment, I could go for a straightforward leather retrim in keeping with...
  11. p34ch3y

    what can i use to shine up my leather

    just put that auto glem leather care cream on and it gone dull,, what can i use to shine it up and keep it shiney?
  12. cjp

    Squeaky Electric Leather Seat Problem

    Anyone with leather electric seats developed squeaks? One of mine has developed major noise. Hints as where to add grease are welcome, as short of ripping the seat out, I cannot see obvious points to lube.:confused:
  13. tris

    Dont get your leather done at dowie ves at Dover

    Had my leather done about 18 months ago when i got my car was very happy but after about 4 months and about 6000 miles wear was coming up on the drivers bolster outer wing Those of you that no me no how big i am but my wife had done most of those miles so after sending pics and going down...
  14. leather interior?

    hi guys, i'm the proccess of tracking down my ideal leon cupra (tdi) does anyone know how common the leather interior is?, as i've only seen two to date with it fitted. The mileage / price was a bit high on both of these. Am i making things excessively difficult in waiting for one with leather...
  15. Amr

    Leather handbrakes cover

    I got one at last for less than almost £8.00 :) here are the pics (bit low quality) before removing the cover...(it was a hassle - need to apply HUGE force!:blink: ) compared to plastic default... Still I wanted to have the balck/Grey stiched one, but actually not too many...
  16. Cleaned & Treated Leather Seats

    This morning i gave the half leathers a good clean and feed. I used Mer Leather Cleaner which contains built in leather feed :D Don't have before pics, but trust me they were really dry and quite dull
  17. sssstew

    chamois leather - whats best to do with it?

    is it best to keep it in a plastic bag so it stays moist? or let it dry out hanging over the bucket after each wash, then having to re-soak next time you use it? :think:
  18. Mk3 1/2 leather seats

    If I wanted to replace the Kat Slater red and black tiger stripes 1/2 leather I have at the moment and then swap it for the mk3 black leather with plain red seats which would look far better than the current ones. How easy is it to swap em out ? Im getting that its pretty straight forward.
  19. Leather seats?

    I'm getting my new 2.0 TFSI on monday, so I can't wait for the weekend, which hasn't started, to end.... however, has any one seen the new Leon with a leather interior, í'm thinking about having this fitted, but it would be nice to see some pictures before I re-decorate the lounge.... and not to...
  20. TDI PEP

    Leather re-trim

    Anyone on here know of any reputable leather retrimmers around the Nottingham area. Can travel circa 100 miles as I work in Milton Keynes at the moment. Was going to use seat surgeons but looks like they have gone as their website isn't available, unless anyone knows different. Seemed odd...
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