1. Paint repair on bumper

    Evening All, While in ASDA supermarket the other day and trying to squeeze into a space i scuffed the front bumper on the trolley parking area of my LCR. I now have to try and repair it. I am looking for a guide on how to repair / respray the damaged area - does anyone know a guide on...
  2. Small Chip Repair Advice

    Hi, Its about time I tried to 'make good' some of the larger 'small' chips that are noticeable on my car (up to ~10mm max and in visible paces like below door handles etc...) - its a 2005 Leon MK1 in Platinum Grey. Just wondering what is the best way to go about doing things. I have read...
  3. james walker

    detailers in retford area and scratch repair

    guys, first ever post in detailing section.... need a detailer around retford area (nottinghamshire), or if someone fancies some extra pennies!! also decent bumper scratch repair place would be good, nasty looking scratches going on on my behind. cheers
  4. Jaytee

    Toledo Repair Costs

    Just had my Toledo TDi 70k mille service at cost of £234.69 inc. 2 new front wiper blades. Service was done by ******* in St Albans and they didn't even wash the car, though they did hoover it out and adjust the drivers door hinge without any charge! Also, I enquired about cost of 80k mile...
  5. benuk

    Options for DIY bumper repair?

    How it happened I can only guess, I would be happy with a DIY fix, does not have to be perfect. Anyone got any easyish DIY suggestions. ?.. Haven't tried anything yet apart from try to bend it back while still on the car unsuccessfully :( Is the black bit that is bent at the bottom...
  6. 3dr seat handle broken how to repair

    Iv just brought a 3dr Ibiza with both seat handles broken found them on the floor think it’s a common any ideas on how to repair would superglue work?
  7. crezz

    Too Much Sun/Beer/Time...Sprayed Splitter...rear arch repair

    :D :p :D soaked up a little too much sun this week and a little too much beer..that with a bored hungover sunday i went a tad silly! [B)] i decided to colour code my front splitter which is a tad chewed up because of the previous lowness! i thought considering there only £15 from dealers...
  8. workshop repair diagram (clutch pedal)

    hey lads, i was wondering if anyone has a pdf or something of the workshop manual they have at the dealers of the clutch pedal and anchilarys, in particular the barsteward spring, i need to see where exactly it goes, and if there is any parts i am missing. i cant see anythnh in the faq for...
  9. MomoMK2

    window regulator - how much for repair?

    hi guys. my nearside window is currently hanging in the door cavity n when i took the door card off it looks like both sides have sheared off at the runners. got it booked in tomorrow aft. but if its gunna be loads i may have to cancel and leave it taped up till psyday. any ideas on cost...
  10. James_LCR

    Platinum LCR - Project 'OEM +' Thread - Castle Combe Action Day Pics added

    I picked up my 54 plate LCR with 40,000 miles on the clock back in August last year. I had, had more than enough with my old Polo GTi with the gearbox going whist looking at new cars. Since then its had 2 more re-builds from the new owners...Great looking cars, crap gearboxes tho. The...
  11. Leon / Toledo 99-04 Hazard warning lights / Indicators - DIY repair guide

    Have your indicators started working irratically or intermitently? If so check the hazard warning light switch. Does it cut out after a short period of time/ work irratically or just once? Both problems will almost certainly be caused by the hazard warning light relay which is...
  12. GottaIbizaMk3

    Ouch! Brake repair costs

    Why do these things happen before Christmas? My rear brakes were making a noise - so off to the local garage I go. They are usually reliable and efficient. Told me that it was leaking cylinders leaking onto/into the rear drums. I thought that they would be better that KwikCr*p End up with a...
  13. Rocky Rocastle

    Leak Repair Help

    Got the old problem of water dripping in above my pedals, i know where it's coming from ie where the pipe runs to the dv through that grommit thing but is there an easy way of accessing this. I was planning on using a bit of sealant but its hard getting to it by hand as i think it the wiper...
  14. Water in airbox £170 to repair :(

    Sometime around late October/early November last year I noticed that the my wife's 2.0 TFSI was making some rather odd noises. Over time I decided it was probably 'blowing' a little and the exhaust needed a change. I thought it didn't sound too bad and so put it off 'til after Xmas. A few...
  15. Gm8

    Gearbox repair likely ?

    all my forward gears are fine , no crunching/smooth operation . But reverse is completely screwed . Gonn put her in the garage next week to get it sorted , is it likely that the GB will be repairable or am I looking at a new box ? anyone experience of this ? cost ? cheers
  16. diss_50

    Warranty Repair - MK4 Ibiza Cupra (one thing after another!)

    Put my car in on Monday for warranty work. Paint defect on rear panel and Seat boot badge had started to flake. So i get a call this morning saying it will be ready later on today - when originally I had been told I could collect on Wed Morning 9am. Now I've called up to see what the score is...
  17. Repair of kerbed alloy

    Anyone got experience - good or bad - of getting Cupra standard 18" alloys repaired? [Don't ask - going through a b*******er of a width restriction in the dark when new to the car] :cry::cry:
  18. Big_daddy

    how much to repair this

    Just thinking of the cost of how much will this set he buyer back. seem to have some serious wheel damage.
  19. question about window repair "picture"

    do i need to put this part back? it is the part that hold the door lock module to the carrier panel.. it is the part with yellow arrows thanks
  20. Flameboydan

    Painting over rust repair

    Hi guys, I have a small circle of rust emerging on the lower end of one of the doors, I thought I'd get it sorted before it becomes a problem. I know the routine for removing the rust and filling over, however I'm not so certain about the method for smoothing/painting/blending into the rest...
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