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Beyond repair??


Active Member
Apr 12, 2009
Hi guys,

Had a rather aggressive meeting with a kerb a couple of days ago, and thought I'd got away with just some nasty kerbing marks...

But on the drive home from work, I've noticed aggressive wheel wobble around 70mph...
I changed the suspect wheel for a spare this morning, and took it down the motorway for a trial run, and it was absolutely fine...

So, must be the wheel. My step dad reckons it might have just knocked it out of balance, whereas my mates are telling me it'll be buckled and I'll need a new wheel.

I did hit it very hard.

What are everyone's thoughts? Beyond repair?

[email protected]

Back older greyer and less oilier but always hope
Jun 19, 2001
as you described the wobble as 'aggressive' i'd suggest most likely a scrap wheel

have you looked over it for damage yet ?

better still as it's off get it down local tyre centre for a balance - it will show up any spots of major damage if it's unseen


Active Member
Apr 12, 2009
I'm not expert on these things, but it's just got a 1-2mm scrap down the edge of the rim...

The wheel wobble is probably a little stronger than a mobile phone vibration, or an xbox 360 pad perhaps...


Wheel Connoisseur
Jan 1, 2009
take it to a tyre place mate, ask them to check if balance is way off/buckled (don't go to like to one the major ones, they will charge dumb amounts) go to the small/down the alley type, they will tell you the truth (well here in brum they do :) and that i know nearly all of them hahaha)
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